Marvel Snap Deckbuilding Guide: Best Tips, Combo and Strategies

Marvel Snap is the latest entry of the Marvel universe into the mobile gaming scene. The game features the top superheroes from all over the Marvel industry, including comics and movies. This digital collectible card game is developed by Second Dinner and published by Nuverse and is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

In Marvel Snap, players assemble their favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel universe in order to fight it out in the card game. Players need to collect unique and powerful cards in order to be more powerful in the game. They can play these cards at around 50+ locations on earth and as well as the other locations of the Marvel universe.

Marvel Snap has been one of the most famous card games on the AppStore and PlayStore as it reached mentionable feats within a short time of its release. The players need to make decks of cards comprised of their favorite and the strongest superheroes of the Marvel universe.

Beginners of this game might face some difficulties to build these decks in the beginning. Players must keep a lot of things in mind before building these decks. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips and tricks along with combos and strategies to build the best decks in Marvel Snap using the best superheroes.

Best Tips, Combo, and Strategies for Marvel Snap Deckbuilding

Decks in Marvel Snap consist of 12 cards on each deck. Players can collect these cards on their way of progression through the game or with the help of credits. Cards can also be unlocked using Golds, which needs to be bought with real money. During building the decks, players need to keep a lot of things in mind. Here are the best tips for building the best deck of cards in Marvel Snap.

1. Include More Overpowered Cards

marvel snap powerful cards
Credit: Nuverse

While building a deck, players must always remember to include overpowered cards to the deck. Though including only overpowered cards might not be possible due to the deck’s core combo or theme. There are some cards that can be used in every deck for their less-required setup or theme. But apart from this, players must choose the correct theme of the card and try to include all the overpowered cards supported with that theme.

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2. Understand the Energy Cost and its Use

marvel snap energy
Credit: Nuverse

One of the most important factors in building a deck in Marvel Snap is the energy level or the energy cost of each card. Generally, these decks are filled with low-energy cards alongside very few high-energy cards. The concept of including more high-energy cards to make the deck stronger is a wrong concept that most beginners have. Decks can still be very powerful with low-energy cards, but only if you can choose the best low-energy cards for the deck.

3. Always Keep Iron Man in Your Deck

marvel snap ironman
Credit: Nuverse

Keeping Iron Man in the deck is very much essential for players who want to keep winning battles. The Iron Man card can double the power of other cards at certain locations. Using high-power cards with Iron Man will result in a further boost in the power of the cards.

4. Keep Combo and Theme in Mind

marvel snap theme deck
Credit: Nuverse

Deck themes and combos are very much important while building the best decks in Marvel Snap. The best decks are often based on a specific theme. Card combo is also very important as the perfect card synergy can make you win more and more battles in Marvel Snap.

5. Pick a Combo Card

marvel snap odin
Credit: Nuverse

The combo card is basically the main card of the deck, based on which players will pick the other cards of the deck. Players generally use Spectrum and Odin as they are both high-power cards that are easily available for every player. Spectrum and Odin can both make the team stronger by activating several combos and also being power cards on their own.

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