Marvel Snap: Best Ways to Get New Cards in the Game

Here are the easiest and fastest ways to collect more powerful cards in Marvel Snap in order to win battles in every location and increase your collection level easily.

Second Dinner Studios and Nuverse have collaborated to create a card game based on the Marvel world with their most recent effort called Marvel Snap. The game has playing cards depicting all of the protagonists and antagonists from the Marvel world. The only way for players to advance through the game and increase their collection levels is to win fights and collect more cards, which requires them to have a collection of these cards.

Marvel Snap features over 250 cards for the players to collect. Players will start the game with a few initial cards to form a deck. However, as they keep progressing, players need to collect more and more cards in order to be powerful in the game.

Collecting all the cards in Marvel Snap might be a stressful thing to do. Players who aim to do so need to grind a lot. But there are some easier and more efficient ways to increase your collection of cards in Marvel Snap.

In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to get new cards in Marvel Snap.

Best Ways to Get New Cards in Marvel Snap

Increase Collection Level

Players can unlock new cards by increasing the collection level. It is also the fastest and most efficient way to unlock new cards in Marvel Snap.

In order to advance to higher collection levels, you will need to spend Credits and Boosters to upgrade your cards. Credits are a currency that may be obtained via farming, and they can be unlocked by completing daily tasks, reaching a new tier in your collection level, etc. Boosters are unique to each character and may be acquired via the successful completion of fights.

marvel snap collection level
Credit: Nuverse

As you go through the rarity levels, you will earn points for your collection level. Unlocking a new prize along the road costs 2 points, and the majority of the rewards along the path are Mystery Cards that will be added to your collection as you go.

A card may be upgraded to one of six different rarities:

  • Uncommon: 25 Credits (+1 Level)
  • Rare: 100 Credits (+2 Levels)
  • Epic: 200 Credits (+4 Levels)
  • Legendary: 300 Credits (+6 Levels)
  • Ultra: 400 Credits (+8 Levels)
  • Infinity: 500 Credits (+10 Levels)

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Earning More Credits and Golds

marvel snap earn credits
Credit: Nuverse

Completing missions is one of the best ways to earn both gold and credits. You get a little package of Credits, Gold, and Season EXP for reaching each predetermined milestone in the game. This package contributes to the leveling up of your season pass, which serves as an additional source for obtaining cards, credits, and other goods utilized throughout the game. By utilizing these currencies, players have the opportunity to raise the rarity of the cards they own.

Buying Seasonal Pass

marvel snap seasonal pass
Credit: Nuverse

The Season Pass provides gamers with yet another opportunity to add new cards to their collections. By leveling up the seasonal pass, you may earn boosts, credits, and cards to use in the game. Seasonal Pass also provides the players with season-exclusive cards. However, Credits, Boosters, and Gold are sometimes given out as free incentives that do not need players to spend money on the Season Pass. This provides players with more opportunities to boost their Collection Level without paying any further money.

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