Marvel Snap: Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Win More Matches

Credit - Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a mixture of Strategy and Creativity. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started on that journey.

Marvel Snap is a digital collectible card game developed by Second Dinner and published by Nuverse for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. The game features a collection of different characters from the Marvel Universe.

Marvel snap players will have a vast array of things to consider in order to do better in the game. From card selection to spending resources to upgrading the card itself. Everything must be precise and given proper thought. To be better in the game, players have to have better creativity and game-knowledge about the game and also about the cards themselves.

So in this post, we will talk about some tips and tricks that will help you to start the game and also to understand the game a bit better. Follow us as we indulge in the world of Marvel Snap and teach you a thing or two to be better at the game.

Using Gold Properly

Gold is an in-game currency in Marvel Snap. It can be used to upgrade cards and also to buy card variants from the shop. Gold can be obtained by:

  • On both the free and paid Season Pass tracks
  • Completing Weekly Challenges (visible at the top of the Missions tab)
  • Purchasable via the in-game store
  • Occasional gifts from the dev team in your Inbox
  • Ranked rewards

As gold is one of the rare kinds of in-game currency in the game,  you’ll want to use it as efficiently as possible. The most cost-effective way of spending Gold is on Daily Mission refreshes once you have completed those that naturally arrived. Refreshing costs 120 for 2 missions.

marvel snap gold
Credit – Marvel Snap

It’s recommended you don’t spend Gold on Credits/Card Variants in the Store unless you really like the Variant or don’t have time to play and complete missions.

Overcommitting in a Location Early

When you begin your journey in Marvel Snap, it can be tempting to play a card or two per turn in the same location. Whilst this should obviously be the case for synergistic cards, trying to bulk up a location to ensure victory means that you are leaving yourself fully vulnerable to being outmatched at the other two locations.

marvel snap locations
Credit- Marvel Snap

It’s often best to play the first few turns across all 3 locations, strategically deciding where your opponent will be contesting for, and then using the final few turns of the game to cover areas where you are already ahead or sneakily play a high-power card/effect on the last turn to swing the location back in your favor.

Create your Own Deck

marvel snap cards
Credit- Marvel Snap

As your Collection Level grows and you gain access to a large number of new cards, you’ll want to begin to tinker with your deck to optimize your output within each game. Keep in mind the card powers and the best synergies to go along them. Build decks according to the powers of cards and utilize the deck and win games.

Look out for New Locations

Featured Locations are often brand-new Locations that are added to the game and have an increased chance of appearing in every single game, with the percentage chance set to around 40%. These will appear on the home page of Marvel Snap, so check back often.

This bonus remains active for 48 hours after their debut and will return to the standard Location pool with normal appearance likelihood rates after. As such, you can capitalize on the Featured Location and its effect by building a deck to use specifically during those 48 hours.

Snap According to Plan

Snapping is a key mechanic of Marvel Snap and will become particularly relevant as you get further into your gameplay experience. You can snap to double the potential rank rewards of the game if you are feeling confident that you will win, but you can equally snap to play mind games with your opponent, even if you are falling behind. This is incredibly risky, but if your opponent doesn’t take the bait and retreat, you can do so the following turn for minimal losses.

Gamble on Unrevealed Locations

On each of the first 3 turns of any game of Marvel Snap, a new Location is revealed. Whilst some players like to play safe and only place cards on revealed locations that they know the effects of, sometimes it can be worth taking a risk early on and placing a card on an unrevealed Location. This has an equal chance of backfiring, of course, but the risk can sometimes be worth it.

Retreat Early to Lose Less

msnap retreat
Credit – Marvel Snap

It’s never too early to retreat in Marvel Snap. Whilst 2 will be lost at the end of the game without either player snapping, if your opponent catches wind of the idea that you’re falling behind, they will likely jump on the opportunity to snap. Retreat out of the game at this point to ensure you lose as little as possible and you can maintain your ranking position better.

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