Marvel Snap: Best Meta Deck Builds in 2023

marvel snap meta deck 2022
Credit - Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a digital collectible card game developed by Second Dinner and published by Nuverse for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. The game features a collection of different characters from the Marvel Universe.

The game took the world by storm after release because of its unique cards, map changes, and also gameplay style. Players instantly got hooked on the game and started collecting and making their own decks and playstyle right away.

As the game progresses to season 3, many new meta decks are becoming the player favorites. They are easy to use and have a great card-to-card synergy. In this article, we will talk about some of them that you can use to gain the upper hand over your opponents.

Marvel Snap Meta Decks

1. The Heavy Hitter Deck

This deck is pretty straightforward. You play cards that have huge power curves, but the drawback is that they cost a lot of energy per round. The Deck contains the following:

msnap heavy hand
Credit – Marvel SnapZone

Your goal is simple: keep a big hand so that Devil Dinosaur can win the game for you, and do this while playing cards that give you a decent amount of power for their cost. Use Cosmo, Enchantress, and Shang-Chi to counter the enemy. Use Moongirl to max your hand and get yourself a second Dinosaur. This combines well with White Queen, Cable, and Agent 13 to keep your hand big even while playing cards.

White Queen is also good because she lets you know what the biggest card in your enemy’s hand is. Similarly, Cable is good because it gives you a card that your opponent doesn’t have in their hand. These two together help you to play tactically. Minister Sinister and Nightcrawler are used to access Locations where you can’t easily play other cards.

This deck is a decent option for new players and veterans alike, as it is pretty easy and straight to use.

2. Moving Deck

This deck mainly focuses on the card powers that can move from one location to another. Making the opponent confused and dazed about their decision to place cards. The deck contains:

msnap movin deck
Credit – Marvel SnapZone

The plan is simple, play cards a bit strategically so that you can easily move them according to their card power. The moving power of most of the cards here and also Carnage’s power to destroy cards can easily make your plays more confusing and weird to your opponents.

Also, on the last hand, Heimdall can easily move all your cards, so there’s always a gamble, and that’s the most fun part of this deck.

3. Sun and Moon Deck

The main idea of this deck is to steal cards from your opponent and play them on their faces. The deck will make the opponent’s card synergy shaken and also disrupt their play style. The deck contains:

msnap sun and moon deck
Credit – BluStacks

Cable’s active skill states the bottom card of the opponent’s deck comes right into your hand. Mantis’s active skill also states that if the opponent played a card in the same location as you are dropping Mantis on, one card from his deck will be transferred to yours.

The goal of this deck is to disrupt the synergy in the opponent’s cards. The deck’s base is built on Elektra, which is useful for destroying 1-cost cards in the early game. The trump card for the Sun and Moon deck is The Collector, whose active skill states that whenever the player gets cards from anywhere except his own deck, they gain +2 increased power added to all of their locations.

4. The Swarm Deck

This is also a very fun deck to play with. The deck contains characters that can increase the power of others cards in the location depending on the cards played in the particular area. The deck Contains:

msnap swarm deck
Credit – BluStacks

This deck’s core aim is to spread Squirrel Girls in all locations and use the power of Mantis to increase the stats. Squirrel Girl’s ability states that she can add another copy of Squirrel Girl to another location when the card is revealed.

Mantis, as stated before, can transfer a card from the opponent’s deck to your own deck. Hence, the mantis can take multiple cards due to the squirrel girl being placed in different locations. The deck also makes use of Captain America as he is a low 3-Cost card that can boost your overall stats very efficiently by giving all cards on the location +1 power.

Combine this with the token generation provided by Squirrel Girl and Sentinel on the map, and you have a winning strategy. Lastly, the inclusion of Blue Marvel, whose active ability states that all other cards get +1 power, pretty much locks your victory.

5. Self-Destruction Aggro Deck

This is a pretty interesting deck, as this deck quite literally destroys your own card deck and powers up your other cards at that location. But this deck is quite a gamble, as you have to rely heavily on your core cards to win. The deck contains:

msnap self des deck
Credit- BluStacks

The deck makes use of Deathlok to destroy Nova, wherever he is located, to buff all your other cards. This deck, aptly called Self-Destruction aggro, looks to increase the base stats of a particular location. If the opponent manages to overcome your power on that location, the location is unfavorable for your deck.

If the opponent steals an important card like Nova from your hands, players can use Scarlet Witch to replace the entire location with a new one which might favor your deck. The deck also makes use of Strong Guy, a low 2-Cost card that can increase his power on the location to +6 if your hand is empty.

Wolfsbane is always a good choice for any aggro deck as she grants +2 power per card to the location she is placed at. The same goes for Ant-Man, which is also used in Self-Destruction Aggro Deck. His active ability states that if 3 other cards are present at the location, he gets +3 power, totaling his overall power to +4 base.

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