Wild Rift: Crafty Streamer Plays both AD Carry and Support At the Same Time Using Hands and Feet

Streamer Plays Wild Rift with Both Hand and Feet
Credit - League Of Legends

Wild Rift is the mobile version of the most popular MOBA game, League of Legends, where a team of 5 people battles against others to reign supreme. Here you have to rely on your whole team to win the match and stomp over the opponents. But what if you could be 2 of the five men on your own??? Seems impossible, right? Wait till you read the whole article.

One man defied standard MOBA rules and played as support and AD carry in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Chinese Wild Rift streamer 余小淮 (Yu Xiao Huai) played not just one but two roles in a ranked game. He simultaneously played Tristana with his hands and Blitzcrank with his feet on two separate devices. Also, he played the matches in a high diamond lobby.

Credit – One Esports

Yu Xiao Huai was able to play two champions at the same time with his streaming setup. He used two tablets, controlling both accounts with the help of a pair of finger gloves and unique socks for his feet. He undoubtedly possesses superior hand-eye coordination as he’s reached Diamond. The ingenious Wild Rift streamer may have solved many players laning problems in-game, avoiding toxic teammates, intentional feeders, and sudden disconnections — at least in the Dragon Lane.

The streamer came into the limelight when a Twitter post about him playing with both hands and feet went viral.

More players like this

But this is not the first time the League of Legends world has been introduced to this absurdity. French pro player and another streamer, César “Wakz” Hugues, also pulled off the same stunt two years ago in League of Legends. He played Lucian with his hands on the keyboard and Yuumi with his feet on the pedals.

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