League of Legends Wild Rift: Best Champion Skins in 2022

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile version of the popular pc game League of Legends. This runs on a completely different engine and also features a healthy amount of exclusive skins that can only be found on the mobile version. The mobile version has also amassed many fans similar to the pc version and is continuously growing.

Now, League of Legends has many things to offer a player, be it special characters or rewards. Amongst such rewards are character skins. Who would want to miss the chance of standing out in the crowd to flaunt their aesthetic appearance? No one, that’s for sure. This is why the game offers some exclusive skins as rewards to the best players, and fans are dying to have some of them.

From new Lunar New Year skins to special ranked rewards and more, the appearances that Wild Rift players get to enjoy are visually stunning. They also come with new animations, voice lines, and a whole collection of different sound effects. There are many exclusive skins in Wild Rift, but here are the top ten skins that most players wish they had.

Best Champion Skins in 2022

10. Demonblade Tryndamere

Demonblade Tryndamere – Reddit

The Demonblade is Tryndamere’s most popular skin in League. A dark creature with a massive sword for an arm emerges as the champion embraces the shadows and merges with his weapon. In yet another radical redesign, the champion also develops a purple glow that covers most of his human features. Tryndamere’s original appearance was inspired by Norse heritage, but this skin is a total departure. Also, if you frequently use Tryndamere, this skin is a must-have.

9. Battle Boss Yasuo

Battle Boss Yasuo – Youtube

A skin that was inspired by video games, gives the champion a distinct throwback makeover. The recolor that comes with this skin gives the champion a lot more bright and prominent appearance than his standard looks. This skin is a playful, light-hearted design for a champion whose other skins are frequently more serious, and it has a special recall animation to fit the skin’s theme.

8. Eternal Sword Yi

Eternal Sword Yi – Youtube

Master Yi is dressed in Dynasty Warriors-inspired clothing while wearing the Eternal Sword Yi skin. This skin in Wild Rift has one of the most significant graphic overhauls and a distinctive appearance. The most remarkable skin currently offered for the strong champion is Eternal Sword Yi.

7. K/DA All Out Seraphine

K/DA All Out Seraphine – Youtube

The K/DA All Out skin was added to League and Wild Rift to commemorate the addition of Seraphine to the game, which coincided with the release of K/DA’s first EP. With continued skin use, the vocalist’s look will change, assuming a chic silver and black ensemble with blue hair instead of her previous pink appearance. It only makes sense that this skin has a distinctive collection of sounds to go along with the champion since she is a musically themed champion. K/DA All Out Seraphine is sure to be a favorite among players.

6. Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dark Cosmic Jhin – Reddit

This is another skin with distinctive motions. This cosmetic has a variety of unique animations and interface lines. The skin’s look is entirely redesigned, adopting a purple and gold color scheme over his hooded robe. Undoubtedly one of Wild Rift’s most aesthetically pleasing skins.

5. Arcade Ahri

Arcade Ahri – Youtube

One of her most well-liked skins in League Arcade Ahri gives the champion a classic video game look. This skin is well worth the money because it has a Game Boy, some headphones, and a tail that changes colors. This skin is more than just a recolor, with entirely original animations, special noises, and other outstanding features. It is a must-have if you play as Ahri.

4. Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan

Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan – Reddit

The Redeemed edition of Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan are two of the skins that League players have been begging for since the 2022 Star Guardian event was announced. According to the legend, Zoe defiled both champions and caused them to embrace evil. Rakan, however, was able to save Xayah and assist her in returning to the First Star’s light as the plot developed. The color schemes of each character’s clothes, powers, and voice lines have all been precisely reversed to symbolize their transition from the darkness to the optimistic glimmer of the Star Guardians. Each character also gets unique voice lines that allude to the events of the lore. One can only speculate as to how many climbing pairs have purchased these skins to climb in style.

3. Stargazer Twisted Fate

Stargazer Twisted Fate – Twitter

Twisted Fate assumes the role of Runeterra’s Doctor Strange as he and the other Stargazers search the cosmos for solutions while defending the human race from various cosmic dangers. This universal hero has a lot of promise to become a well-liked skin, thanks to new speech lines, regal-looking attire, and various animations and sound effects.

2. Lunar Beast Miss Fortune

Lunar Beast Miss Fortune – Reddit

Players are craving access to the exclusive Lunar Beast Miss Fortune skin. She can be a big hit for players with her brand-new set of movement animations for her roller blades, a pair of unusual weaponry, and new voice lines. With striking visuals and flare, this skin is a must-have for Miss Fortune players.

1. Glorious Crimson Evelynn

Glorious Crimson Evelynn – Twitter

The Glorious skin line is Wild Rift’s response to League’s Victorious skins, which award any player beyond the rank of gold with a unique skin in recognition of their superior performance on the Summoner’s Rift. But they aren’t the same. The Glorious skins feel far more like stylish anti-heroes than the Victorious skins, which are almost immaculate like crystal statues of heroes found on Demacia’s stairs. Conversely, the new Glorious Crimson skins are improved versions of the standard Glorious skins, with pronounced red accents and motifs throughout. As an additional reward for being the finest players in the world, they both also receive enhanced weapons that change from the standard red to gold.