How to Unlock Ash in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3

Apex legends mobile season 3 ash unlock
Credit - EA Games

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the constant updates and new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

The game also gained popularity because of its exclusive mobile content, especially its mobile counterpart. In season 3, you can finally unlock the new Legend called Ash. She has been out for the PC counterpart of the game for a while now, and the mobile players are very excited to try her out in the arena.

This article will break down the ways to unlock Ash and all that we know about it till now. So please read it thoroughly to have a clear idea about it.

Apex Legends Mobile New Legend Ash

Ash is an offensive legend released for the game’s PC version in 2021. She is one of the most intriguing-looking legends in the Apex Legend universe. She is a Cyborg looking legend with a killer or psycho vibe going on all around her. The game’s devs went all out in the design of Ash. And now, the mobile players of the game are excited to try her out in the mobile version of the game.

Ash, the real name Dr Ashleigh Reid, is a troubled figure with an interesting backstory. She takes her current form after she ‘died’ in a lab that self-destructed. A lab she was only in after a group of mercenaries sent her there to steal an experimental energy source. After the explosion, her brain was inserted into a simulacrum shell, creating a battle of personalities between the “cold, perfectionistic, power-hungry” Ash and the humanity of Ashleigh Reid.

ash legend card apex legends
Credit – EA Games

In order to unlock new legends in Apex Legends Mobile, you must collect legend fragments. But unlocking Ash is different. You have to collect new currency called Ash fragments. How to unlock them is not yet clear at this moment. But the guess is players have to complete various missions to collect the fragments.

Credit- DusteeYt Twiiter

You can also collect Ash Fragments from the Season 3 Battle pass or use Syndicate Gold to unlock her. In season 3.5, you can unlock Ash by using the normal legends fragments. There will be no separate special Ash fragments to unlock Ash then. But it will be around half of the season later after her initial release.

The whole Apex Legends Mobile community is poised to try Ash out as soon as they can get their hands on her. Let’s see if she states in one of the meta-team compositions of this season. That’s all that we know for now. We will keep you updated on any new news and updates on the game. So, keep an eye on our website.

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