How to Get Free Skins In the Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collab Event

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most famous MOBA games on mobile. Since its release, the game has seen an immense gain in popularity. The game already has over 1 billion downloads. The game has retained the #1 mobile MOBA game spot for quite a long time now.

Over the years, Moonton has collaborated with many movies and characters to bring the best skins for the players. Most of the collaborations done by Moonton have been successful, with many people being excited about the unique skins from these collaborations. Moonton Games recently announced another such partnership with Kung Fu Panda. The collaboration will be called Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda.

Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda is one of this year’s most significant Mobile Legends collaborations. The event went live on 20th August and will continue until 18th October 2022. The newest event features three cool skins for the players- Akai “King Fu Panda,” Thamuz “General Kai,” and Ling “Lord Shen.”

Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda collaboration details

The first and most famous skin is Po, the series’ primary protagonist. The other two skins featured the antagonists General Kai and Lord Shen. Thamuz got the General Kai skin, whereas Ling got the other one. All the skins will be event exclusive and can only be claimed during the event. The skins can be obtained by draws, which cost 50 diamonds per draw.

Skin Intros

Akai “Kung Fu Panda”

Despite becoming the renowned Dragon Warrior who’s saved the world several times. Po remains the same humble panda he’s always been. He would often gaze at his fellow masters’ skillful moves and begin throwing punches and kicks alongside them. His training and adventure are far from over, though, and there are bound to be more challenges awaiting him ahead.

Thamuz “General Kai”

Five hundred years ago, Kai learned a secret technique that allowed him to steal the chi from others. Kai overcame many kung fu masters during his wild pursuit of power, and it was only after his banishment to the Spirit Realm did the Mortal Realm regained peace. Now, Kai’s broken free from the shackles and returned to take revenge on the new Dragon Warrior, Po.

Ling “Lord Shen”

Shen’s kung fu and weapons are an exact reflection of himself. Ruthless, cold-blooded, gentle, but also highly lethal. The mere thought of him would make an ordinary person shudder in fear. Frail and sickly from birth, Shen developed a morbid fascination with power. And now, with his wild army, he’s set to take the entire world under his command.

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Jade Ornaments are the main currency of this event. By making draws, players will obtain Jade Ornaments. Players can then redeem these Jade Ornaments to receive their favorite Kung Fu Panda skin. Thamuz ‘General Kai’ skin is guaranteed at the first 10X Draw. Akai ‘Kung Fu Panda’ skin and Ling ‘Lord Shen’ skin can be redeemed by Jade Ornaments. Here is the amount of Jade Ornaments required for each item:

  • Akai ‘Kung Fu Panda’: 800 Jade Ornaments
  • Ling ‘Lord Shen’: 800 Jade Ornaments
  • Elimination Effect- Dragon Warrior Returns!: 300 Jade Ornaments
  • Kill Notification- Dragon Warrior into the Fray: 225 Jade Ornaments
  • Recall Effect- Dragon Warrior Strikes: 150 Jade Ornaments
  • Spawn Effect- Dragon Warrior Arrives: 150 Jade Ornaments
  • Emote- I’m the Dragon Warrior: 32 Jade Ornaments
  • Kung Fu Panda Chat Bubble: 1000 Jade Ornaments

Unused Jade Ornaments and Jade Tokens will be converted into Battle Points at the end of the event at a ratio of 1:1 and 1:100, respectively.

Drop Rates:

  • Akai “Kung Fu Panda” – 0.04%
  • Ling “Lord Shen” – 0.04%
  • Recall Effect – 0.88%
  • Elimination Effect – 1.57%
  • Spawn Effect – 1.57%
  • Killing Notification – 1.96%
  • Emote – 4.89%
  • Jade Ornament – 89.05%

How to get free skins

Although the skins need to be redeemed through draws, there are a few ways through which players can redeem the skins for free. Here are the ways with their detailed process explained below:

Free Jade Token

Open the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from your mobile and head to the home screen.

Click on the ‘Events’ option on the left side of your screen.

Scroll down and head over to the ‘Free Jade Token’ option.

Pre-register to claim a FREE Kung Fu Panda gacha token on the 27th of August.

Kai’s Invitation

Open the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from your mobile and head to the home screen.

Click on the ‘Events’ option on the left side of your screen.

Scroll down and click on the ‘Kai’s Invitation!’ option.

Every player will have a unique invitation code. Send invites to your friends to bring them back to the game, and obtain Jade Tokens as they join the game back with your invitation.

Premium Supply

The premium supply event will be available from 27th August- 29th August and 24th September- 26th September only. Complete the following actions during this event to obtain Jade Tokens.

  • Log in to the game – 1 Token
  • Recharge any amount of Diamonds – 2 Tokens
  • Recharge 100 Diamonds – 3 Tokens
  • Recharge 250 Diamonds – 4 Tokens
  • Spend 100 Diamonds – 2 Tokens
  • Spend 250 Diamonds – 3 Tokens

Players can get up to 15 free Jade Tokens by completing these actions.

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Skins are one of the most exciting things about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They provide our favorite heroes with unique outlooks and make it an aesthetically pleasing treat to our eyes. Moonton undoubtedly did the perfect job since the game’s release as they brought unique and cool skins for the players through many collaborations till now. Previously, Mobile Legends collaborated with King of Fighters, Star Wars, Transformers, and many more franchises. All the events saw the introduction of various excellent skin lines. The collaborations have been a successful campaign for Moonton and a considerable boost to their monetization process. The community only hopes that Moonton will keep bringing these fantastic collaborations to the game.