Honkai Star Rail Vs Genshin Impact: Similarities and Differences

A complete guide with all the differences and similarities between HoYoverse’s two big releases, Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact.

Honkai Star Rail is the newest and upcoming game being released by HoYoverse. The game has been the talk of the town due to its similarities with the famous open-world RPG Genshin Impact. Being from the same developer as well, Honkai Star Rail has certainly made its position on the list of the most anticipated games of this year.

Players have already seen a lot of gameplay footage and gameplay features of Honkai Star Rail. While the graphics of Genshin Impact left everyone in awe during its initial release, Honkai Star Rail also does not fall behind in this context.

honkai star rail combat
Credit: HoYoverse

While the game has a lot of similarities with Genshin Impact, it has also a lot of differences as well. In this article, we will list all the similarities and differences that we can find between Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact.



Both Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail feature gameplay that requires players to use their skills to defeat their enemies. In Honkai Star Rail, players play as characters riding a futuristic train and killing enemies while moving in the path. On the other hand, Genshin Impact features an open-world exploration for the players, along with combats at different places and situations while exploring. Both games also have a gacha system that allows players to obtain new characters and equipment.


Both Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail have stunning visuals and are the best-looking games on mobile devices. Coming from HoYoverse, both games did succeed a lot when it comes to impressing players with the immersive outstanding graphics. Honkai Star Rail has a futuristic setting that is visually impressive, with fast-paced action and vivid colors. Genshin Impact, on the other hand, has a beautifully crafted open world with diverse environments, characters, and creatures.


Both games have a rich and immersive storyline that players can enjoy as they progress through the game. Honkai Star Rail is set in a world where humans are fighting against an alien race called the Honkai. The player takes on the role of a member of the Global Resistance, fighting to save humanity from the Honkai invasion. Genshin Impact, on the other hand, is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, where players take on the role of the Traveler, a character on a quest to find their lost sibling. As they progress through the game, they uncover the secrets of Teyvat and its inhabitants.



Honkai Star Rail is a rail shooter game, while Genshin Impact is an action RPG. Honkai Star Rail involves shooting enemies while moving along a set path, while Genshin Impact offers an open-world exploration experience. While both games have action-based gameplay, they have different mechanics and playstyles.

Multiplayer Mode

Genshin Impact offers a multiplayer mode where players can explore the game world with friends. Players can team up with up to four players to take on challenges and battles together. Honkai Star Rail, on the other hand, is a single-player game. While it has leaderboards and rankings, players cannot directly interact with each other.


Combat is undoubtedly the most different feature between the two games. Genshin Impact offers the players a third-person action RPG experience, while Honkai Star Rail is completely based on turn-based RPG battles, which makes the combat system of both games very different from each other.

In Honkai Star Rail, elements do exist. But the effects of these elements in the battles are almost non-existent compared to what we can see in Genshin Impact. Elemental Reactions and other features are completely missing in Honkai Star Rail, which is one of the main features of the Genshin Impact combat system.

Progression System

Honkai Star Rail has a linear progression system, where players complete stages one after another. Genshin Impact, on the other hand, has an open-world progression system that allows players to explore the game world at their own pace.


Honkai Star Rail relies heavily on microtransactions, where players can buy virtual currency to unlock new characters and equipment. Genshin Impact also has a gacha system, but it is less aggressive in its monetization strategy, and players can still progress through the game without spending real money.

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