Honkai Star Rail Combat: Everything You Need To Know

A complete and easy guide to the turn-based combat system of HoYoverse’s newest JRPG game Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail is the latest RPG game by renowned developer HoYoverse, who is also the developer of Genshin Impact. Honkai: Star Rail includes a lot of similar features to Genshin Impact. But the game has a distinct combat mechanism.

The combat system of Honkai: Star Rail might be a little tricky for beginners to understand. However, players with previous JRPG experience can grasp the whole mechanism very quickly.

Honkai Star Rail features turn-based battles, which are less intense and also a bit time-consuming. Follow this simple guide to understand the complete combat mechanism of Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Combat System

Primarily, players will need to form a team with four characters before going into any fight. They are free to use any character that they own. However, it would be best to create a balanced team keeping all the elements in mind, to make your team composition more stable.

honkai star rail combat
Credit: HoYoverse

In a turn-based combat system, players have a range of actions they can take. Initially, they can use basic attacks to damage enemies, but they can also use more powerful skill abilities. However, using these abilities requires skill points, which can be earned by using basic attacks in battle. Each player can hold up to five skill points, which are shared among the team. Without skill points, players won’t be able to use their skill abilities.

Players can also use ultimate abilities, which deal significant damage to enemies. It’s best to use these abilities when they are fully charged and they don’t end the player’s turn. However, using ultimate abilities when it’s not the player’s turn will activate them immediately after the current turn.

To have the greatest impact, players can use multiple ultimate abilities, but using them requires energy. Players can earn energy by using skill abilities and basic attacks, defeating enemies, and collecting light cones and character effects. Increasing characters’ energy restoration rate stats can also boost the amount of energy they earn.

Types of Attacks

Normal Attack

Normal attacks are the basic attacks of the characters. There are no cooldowns on this attack, which gives the players a chance to use Normal Attack whenever they want.

Skill Attack

Skill Attack is one of the most powerful attacks of each character. Each character possesses a certain skill. According to their type, players can use the skills of these characters to contribute to the fullest during any battle.

Ultimate Attack

This is the strongest attack of each character. When activated during turns, characters can use their ultimate attacks to deal a serious amount of damage to the enemies. With every basic attack, the ultimate attack also gets refilled.

Elemental Weaknesses

Enemies in Honkai Star Rail are weak against a few elements. Before heading out to the battle, players must learn about their enemies and their weaknesses in order to win the battles. Here are all the elements and enemy weaknesses against the elements.

PhysicalDeals Physical damage.
Applies Bleed, dealing Physical damage over time.
FireDeals Fire damage.
Applies Burn, dealing Fire damage over time.
WindDeals Wind damage.
Applies the Wind Shear effect, dealing Wind damage over time.
LightningDeals Lightning damage.
Applies Shock, dealing Lightning damage over time.
IceDeals Ice damage.
Applies the Frozen effect, thereby immobilizing the enemy and dealing Ice damage over time.
QuantumDeals Quantum damage.
Applies Entanglement, delaying the opponent’s turn and dealing Quantum damage over time.
ImaginaryDeals Imaginary damage.
Applies Imprisonment, reducing the opponent’s speed and causing action delays.

Honkai Star Rail Paths Explained

Honkai: Star Rail’s combat system has a significant feature called the Path assigned to each character. These Paths are like the typical RPG roles of tanks and healers, and they differ for each character. Every character has a pre-defined Path that determines their role within the team.

In Honkai: Star Rail’s combat system, each character has a unique Path, which determines their role within the team. Having a team with a mix of Paths is ideal for standard opponents, whereas stronger opponents may require specific Paths.

The seven Paths and their specialties in Honkai: Star Rail’s combat system are listed below.

The DestructionCharacters excel at attacking from the front. They are also the best when fighting solo.
The AbundanceCharacters can heal allies.
The HarmonyCharacters provide buffs to boost the team’s power.
The PreservationCharacters have defensive abilities that can protect allies.
The EruditionCharacters are good at striking multiple targets with AoE attacks.
The NihilityCharacters can debuff opponents.
The HuntCharacters are single-target Critical Hit dealers.

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