Genshin Impact Ultimate Character Tier List in 2022

miHoYo’s Genshin Impact is one of the most famous action RPGs in the world right now. The game was released in 2020 and experienced massive success on mobile, PC, and console platforms. It is rated as one of the top free-to-play games in the world right now. The game features an anime-style immersive environment with action-based gameplay.

Genshin Impact is set in the world of Teyvat, including seven distinct nations and different gods who rule these lands. The game offers the players to explore the vast world of Teyvat. Players can pick from a vast roster of characters available in the game to explore and engage themselves in combat during their travel.

miHoYo has released a lot of characters over time after the game’s release. Each character has two unique combat skills: Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. All the characters available in the game are almost equally strong. But among them, some character comes out on top with their unique abilities and higher win rate.

With many options in the game, you might be confused about which characters to pick. This article will rate the characters in tiers to make it easy for you guys. Please keep in mind that this ranking is entirely subjective. Any character can be substantial if it falls on the right hand.

Genshin Impact Ultimate Character Tier List

Before ranking the characters in tiers, we judged several factors of the characters, including their strength, abilities, power, flexibility, and difficulty.

For the ranking, we will distribute the characters into five categories:

S-Tier: Tier S includes the strongest characters in the game who can outperform the opponent in any situation.
A-Tier: A-Tier characters are not the strongest but can do a decent job against more vigorous opponents.
B-Tier: Characters of this tier are not that strong, but they can do a decent job in certain situations with others’ help.
C-Tier: C-Tier includes characters who are a bit weak in the game and can give players a hard time with the character.
D-Tier: The weakest characters of the game are included in this tier.

S (Best)Venti, Hu Tao, Ganyu, Bennett, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, Ayaka, Ayato, Arataki Itto, Xingqiu, Eula, Kazuha
A (Good)Xiao, Albedo, Klee, Mona, Keqing, Kokomi, Yae Miko, Shenhe, YunJin, Gorou, Yoimiya, Sucrose, Ningguang, Xiangling
B (Average)Rosaria, Barbara, Yanfei, Thoma, Chongyun, Diluc, Diona, Jean, Qiqi, Sayu, Heizou, Tartaglia, Yelan
C (Weak)Noelle, Aloy, Razor, Beidou, Fischl, Kaeya, Kuki, Lisa, Kujou Sara
D (Poor)Amber, Xinyan, Traveler (anemo, electro and geo)



Credit: miHoYo

Venti, the bard, is the most potent Anemo character in the game. With his wind ability, he can be the best support player by using his AoE attacks. With his other ability, he can also deal significant damage to a large group of enemies, making him one of the few characters capable of doing this.

Hu Tao

Credit: miHoYo

The 77th Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Hu Tao, is one of the strongest picks for single target dps. Her elemental skill deals massive Pyro damage to the enemy. While low HP, she can deal significant damage to the enemy with her AoE attack and heal herself.


Credit: miHoYo

Picking Ganyu in your team can give you a great advantage over enemies. Ganyu’s cryo abilities make her one of the strongest DPS characters in the game. With her cryo arrows and other AoE abilities, Ganyu can freeze and deal a good amount of damage to the enemies.


Credit: miHoYo

Bennett is the last surviving member of “Benny’s Adventure Team.” The young adventurer with a sad past comes at the top of our ranking as one of the best support characters in the game. Bennett can use his Elemental Burst to give the teammates a decent attack buff or heal them.


Credit: miHoYo

The Geo Archon, Zhongli, is a character who can act as both DPS and support. His geo shield with scaling with max HP makes him one of the best picks for the team.

Raiden Shogun

Credit: miHoYo

Raiden Shogun is another strong archon available in the game. Her overwhelming strength of the electro elements and support build makes her one of the strongest characters in the game right now.


Credit: miHoYo

Ayaka is the princess of the Kamisato clan. Ayaka’s cryo sword combines perfectly with her speed to move between enemies. Ayaka can freeze and deal heavy damage to the enemies using her cryo abilities with other elements.


Credit: miHoYo

Ayato is Ayaka’s older brother and head of the Kamisato clan. Ayato is one of the strongest DPS characters with his speedy Hydro attacks combined with other’s cryo attacks to finish the enemies.

Arataki Itto

Credit: miHoYo

The leader of the Arataki clan has always been a strong pick since miHoYo added him into the game. Although Geo elements are used as support, Itto will make a great DPS with his powerful Arataki Kesagiri charged attack.


Credit: miHoYo

Xingqiu is one of the most robust support characters in the game. His strong Elemental Burst inflicts serious damage on the enemies with his swords while the Rain Swords keep orbiting around the active character.


Credit: miHoYo

Eula is one of the strongest damage dealers of Genshin Impact. She ranks herself as one of the top-tier characters with her significant AoE burst damage and attack speed. Her elemental reactions also reduce the enemy’s physical resistance creating more openings for Eula.

Kaedehara Kazuha

Credit: miHoYo

Kazuha is the first character introduced from Inazuma in the game. His elemental abilities make him one of the strongest characters in the game. His Anemo swirl can deal a good amount of damage to the enemies.



Credit: miHoYo

Xiao is one of the best Anemo damage dealers available in the game. Xiao is focused purely as a DPS character with an ability to damage multiple targets at once with his powerful burst attack. His jumping abilities and AoE plunging attacks give him an upper hand in front of the enemies.


Credit: miHoYo

Albedo’s Geo attack also deals significant damage to the enemy. Albedo is different from other geo characters as he can perpetually use his geo-infused elemental abilities with a shallow cool down.


Credit: miHoYo

Klee is one of the best Pyro DPS characters available in the game. The bomb expert can inflict heavy damage with her AoE damage ability. Her elemental burst also makes her one of the best picks for the team.


Credit: miHoYo

Mona’s hydro elemental burst can simultaneously slow down a group of enemies, creating a perfect opening for the DPS characters to attack. Mona perfectly combines with the DPS and Cryo characters. She can protect them from getting damaged by deploying her Phantom, who will continuously taunt nearby opponents by drawing damage to itself.


Credit: miHoYo

Keqing ranked herself as a high-tier character in our list with high stats. She is a combination of excellent electro damage. Her electro-infused blade makes her one of the most vigorous opponents.


Credit: miHoYo

Kokomi is one of the most impressive hydro healers in the game. The priestess can be one of the best players with her solid healing abilities and hydro damage.

Yae Miko

Credit: miHoYo

Yae Miko is a five-star electro character available in the game. She might not be the best pick for DPS, but her powerful AoE ranks her as one of the best sub-DPS characters in the game.


Credit: miHoYo

Shenhe, the five-star cryo character of the game, can be judged as one of the game’s most vital support and DPS character. Shenhe primarily works to buff other characters in the game. Shenhe can be a bit difficult for beginners as her AoE cryo burst can be tricky to understand in the beginning.

Yun Jin

Credit: miHoYo

Yun Jin can act as a good support character for underrated characters in the game. She can also deal damage to enemies with her burst. Yun Jin can form a good combination with almost all kinds of parties.


Credit: miHoYo

Although Gorou is not good support for other characters, Gorou can provide huge buffs in a team primarily formed with other Geo characters. So if you are focusing on a team based on Geo characters, Gorou is a must-pick as the support.


Credit: miHoYo

Despite being a Pyro archer, Yoimiya’s AoE attack does less damage to the enemies. With her long-range Pyro attacks, Yoimiya fits perfectly into the team with the help of a Raiden Shogun.


Credit: miHoYo

Sucrose is very similar to venti, with her elemental skill dealing damage to the enemies and sending them into the air. Sucrose can also absorb other elements with her burst, making her stronger at crowd control.


Credit: miHoYo

Ningguang’s geo ability lets her use elemental shields to stop the enemies. Her Jade Screen also supports the team by preventing incoming enemy damages.


Credit: miHoYo

Xiangling is one of the best Pyro characters in the game, with most of her abilities coming into good use in the later stages. Her polearm might not be strong like other DPS characters, but elemental skill and burst make her a good pick for the team.



Credit: miHoYo

Rosaria is a versatile four-star cryo character available in the game. Her damage might not be severe, but she can buff teammates’ crit rate and attack speeds when paired with the perfect character.


Credit: miHoYo

Although Yanfei is a four-star character, Yanfei’s base attack is not as impressive as others. But her elemental reactions can make her a strong character in dealing ranged Pyro attacks.


Credit: miHoYo

Barbara, the hydro catalyst, has one of the lowest base attack stat in the game. Barbara can do a good job healing her teammates with her elemental skill and burst.


Credit: miHoYo

Thoma’s elemental skill and burst can provide a good shield for the teammates. But his Pyro shield ability might not be a good pick compared to other support characters.


Credit: miHoYo

Chongyun can be a decent cryo DPS pick when paired with other cryo or hydro characters. With the low cooldown on his elemental burst, Chongyun can freeze enemies continuously.


Credit: miHoYo

Diluc’s high base attack and crit rate make him a strong DPS character in the game. He can frequently deal Pyro damage on the enemies, thanks to the low cooldown on his elemental abilities.


Credit: miHoYo

Diona, the archer, is a great support character. She might not be a strong pick as a damage dealer, but she can use her Icy Paws to provide a shield for the team. Diona can also use her burst for healing and deal decent AoE damage.


Credit: miHoYo

Jean can be good support and sub-DPS character for the team. While her base attack is meager, Jean can contribute to the team with her crowd control and healing abilities.


Credit: miHoYo

Qiqi is a four-star cryo character available in the game. Qiqi can act as an effective sub DPS with her moderate attack and healing skills.


Credit: miHoYo

Sayu is an anemo character and claymore user. She can act as an anemo support with her ability to deal damage to the enemies and heal teammates. Sayu is not a very good pick at all unless you enjoy playing with this character. Sucrose or Diona does a better job in this class.


Credit: miHoYo

Heizou breaks the typical character traits of the catalyst users. While other catalyst users prefer to take long-range fights, the first animal catalyst user can outperform others with close-range attacks.


Credit: miHoYo

Tartaglia is a polearm and bow user. Using his elemental skill, he can swap between these weapons. His elemental burst can significantly damage the enemies depending on his weapon.


Credit: miHoYo

Yelan can be a good sub-DPS character when paired with the perfect team. Yelan can inflict good damage on the enemies with her fully charged torrential arrow.



Credit: miHoYo

Noelle is mostly helpful in the early phase of the game as a Geo tank character. Her elemental skill can provide a shield for the teammates while healing. Her healing abilities are not so good compared to other characters, but she does the job decently during specific situations.


Credit: miHoYo

Aloy is a cryo crossover character who was available for free in the game. She can be a good sub-DPS pick with the correct team formation. With her cryo infusion, she can be a good pick for freezing reactions.


Credit: miHoYo

Razor, as a DPS, has a strong melee attack ability. With his elemental abilities, Razor can deal high physical damage armed with his claymore.


Credit: miHoYo

Beidou is a good electro damage dealer available in the game. But she is less preferable in the game because of the time taken to reach her constellation level, where she can be helpful.


Credit: miHoYo

Fischl has a unique ability to spawn Oz. With the help of Oz, she can inflict constant electro ranged damage on the enemies. But it takes some constellation upgrades to use the Oz to its full potential.


Credit: miHoYo

Kaeya can be a good DPS pick for beginners with her easy-to-lean abilities. But Kaeya falls behind other cryo characters because his elemental abilities are weak compared to others.

Kuki Shinobu

Credit: miHoYo

The four star electro sword user is a versatile character. Kuki falls behind other support characters because her healing abilities enable only when she is in low health.


Credit: miHoYo

Lisa is another character viable for beginners. Her AoE electro powers are vital in the early game but lag in the later stages.

Kujou Sara

Credit: miHoYo

Despite being a DPS character, the archer can be a bit powerful only when constellations are upgraded. Sara is more viable in an electro party but cannot perform well with other parties due to her weak elemental abilities.



Credit: miHoYo

Amber is one of the worst picks in the game. Her elemental burst has less damage potential compared to others. Also, the long cooldown on her elemental skills makes her a wrong choice for the team.


Credit: miHoYo

Xinyan is a good pyro character with a high base attack. But Xinyan is not a good pick for the team, considering Diluc does the same job but better.


Traveler is a good pick in the early game, depending on its elemental skill. As one of the first characters given in the game, the character is significantly less used due to its lower physical damage.

Upcoming Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact recently dropped teasers on upcoming characters on Genshin Impact’s Twitter and YouTube accounts. Here is a list of the upcoming characters:

  • Dendro Traveller
  • Tighnari
  • Alhaitham
  • Dori
  • Collei
  • Cyno
  • Nahida
  • Dehya
  • Nilou