Genshin Impact Player Count in October 2022

After being released in September 2022, Genshin Impact has undoubtedly been the most famous game in the industry for the past two years. The game has seen one of the biggest releases, with millions of players logging in to the servers on launch day only. Since then, we have seen the growing player base of Genshin Impact over the months, which brought the game Best Game Award from both the Google Play Store and AppStore.

The most of any video game, Genshin Impact has the greatest first-year launch revenue of more than $3 billion in its first year of release and had revenues of more than $4 billion as of March 2022. The game was also one of the most expensive games ever to develop, with a marketing budget of around $100 million before launch.

HoYoverse (previously known as miHoYo) constantly keeps updating the game with new content. A major update is introduced to the game after every six weeks according to the plan revealed by the developers. With each update, the developers provide a unique experience to the players, thus attracting more and more players to the game.

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Genshin Impact Player Count in October 2022

According to, Genshin Impact had 63,895,044 players in the last 30 days. The game has also picked up approximately 100 million mobile downloads. Since its release, the game has touched outstanding feats that no other game could.

Within a week of its debut, Genshin Impact generated almost $60 million in revenue from 23 million downloads on mobile devices. The game was the most successful title globally in October 2020 due to its great success.

Genshin Impact, one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time and the fastest game to reach that milestone on Google Play and the App Store, had earned over $393 million on mobile platforms within two months of its release and over $1 billion by the end of March 2021, the third highest revenue from a mobile game during that time frame behind Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile.

The game brought around $2 billion by October 2021. With $1.9 billion in revenue that year, it rose to the third-highest-grossing position in the history of mobile games. The game generated $3 billion in revenue worldwide on iOS and Android smartphones by December 2021.

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