Genshin Impact Giant Inflatable Paimon to Start Global Journey from River Thames

Genshin Impact Inflatable Paimon
Credit -Mihoyo

Genshin Impact is one of the most hyped action role-playing games developed and published by miHoYo. It has grown exponentially in popularity because of its regular updates and introduction of new characters. And also for their out-of-the-game events and real-world scenarios.

Recently the developers of the game have announced that they will make a giant inflatable Paimon, a character from the game, and make it float on River Tames to Singapore. Naturally, the game fans are excited to hear the news, and the world is poised for the event to unfold.

The article below will discuss all we know about the event, what to expect from it, and so on. So please give it a read thoroughly.

Giant Paimon’s Global Endless Journey

“A giant inflatable Paimon is about to embark on a global river drifting voyage starting from River Thames,” wrote MiHoYo in their Twitter announcement. “Travellers set off on an endless journey with Paimon; let’s go!” The fans of the game became excited instantly as this is one of the biggest real-world events in the game’s lifetime.

Credit – Twitter

The giant inflatable Paimon isn’t just a weirdly-timed publicity stunt. It’s part of a larger event called Giant Paimon’s Global Endless Journey. The event starts on October 2 at 9 AM at London Bridge. That’s when the inflatable Paimon will be released on her journey.

A route posted on the official Genshin Impact Twitter has explained arrival times for Paimon at various locations, which will be suitable to watch the big Paimon float past. You can even get a limited-edition postcard made of your photos by speaking to cosplayers at each site.

Giant Paimon's Global Endless Journey article pic 1
Credit – Mihoyo

At 4 PM, fans can head to Butler’s Wharf for an “intimate, exclusive fans meet-up” where players can get a close-up look at another giant Paimon in front of Tower Bridge. There will be cupcakes and drinks as well as merch up for grabs. MiHoYo encourages as many people as possible to show up in Genshin Impact cosplay.

Giant Paimon's Global Endless Journey article pic 2
Credit – Mihoyo

Paimon’s journey will continue on October 3 and 4 at Canary Wharf. In addition, the giant inflatable will be viewable at the northern dock of the West India Dock, near the Burger and Lobsters and West India Dock DLR station. And finally, posting Paimon-related footage to TikTok, tagging @Genshinimpact_UK, and including the hashtag #endlessjourney will give players a chance to win some Primogems. The top three videos will get 1,500 Primogems, while four-through-ten will get 500 PrimoGems.

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