Diablo Immortal’s ‘Clan Disband’ Bug Compensations are An Insult: Says the Playerbase

diablo immortal clan disband bug 2022
Credit - Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is one of the most grossing and popular MMO RPG games currently available for mobile devices. The game is the mobile adaptation of the infamous PC title of the same name. And the game has been spreading like wildfire among mobile game fanatics.

The developer of the game “Blizzard Entertainment” has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the game stays fun and enjoyable for all players. That includes frequent bans against cheaters, modders, players who take advantage of game-breaking bugs, etc.

But recently, due to their “Server Merging,” the player base has gone through a new bug where their clan has been automatically disbanded. The game’s devs have been aware of the bug and compensated the players for their loss. But the player base is not happy with their compensation for their loss. Here we will talk about everything that we know about the situation.

Diablo Immortal Clan Disbanding Shenanigans

Diablo Immortal’s mostly requested server merges are finally here, but they’ve brought some unfortunate bugs, one of which seemed to cause some players’ clans to dissolve inadvertently. Players have lost their big clans where they used to play together often, and now they are mostly disconnected due to the clan’s dissolving.

“Dear player, after Server Merge, there were unexpected bugs causing disbandment for your Shadow Clan. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to you and your team. I encourage you and the team to gather again to protect Sanctuary. We would like to present the following to you as compensation, please remember to claim.” This was the reassuring mail from the dev team after the bug situation.

diablo immortal bug compensation
Credit – Diablo Immortal Reddit

The compensation contains:

  • Two Legendary crests
  • Handful of gems
  • 300 scrap material
  • 30 Enchanted Dust

The reward seems tempting in mere eyes, but if you think about the players who have lost their clans. They have lost their clan progress, perks, and, most importantly, the players who used to play with them daily. With respect to that, the reward does seem a bit too shabby.

Diablo Immortal seems to be offering players various compensation packages for different issues caused by the server merge. Still, the response from the community is not in favor of them regarding the compensation for the clan disbanding bug.

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