Diablo Immortal: Orb Debt and Players Banned Shenanigan

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Credit- Blizzard entertainment

Diablo Immortal is one of the most grossing and popular MMO RPG games currently available for mobile devices. The game is the mobile adaptation of the infamous PC title of the same name. And the game has been spreading like wildfire among mobile game fanatics.

The developer of the game “Blizzard Entertainments” has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the game stays fun and enjoyable for all players. That includes frequent bans against cheaters, modders, players who take advantage of game-breaking bugs, etc.

The most recent step they took was to ban players who bought Eternal Orbs from many thirst party websites. The article below will briefly discuss the situation and where it might be heading from there.

Negative Orb Balance and Players Banned from Co-Op.

Blizzard has banned players from entering player-versus-player activities if they have a negative orb balance. Recently, Blizzard confiscated the orbs from most players who purchased Eternal Orbs from third-party websites, leaving them in huge debt. Players must clear their debts by purchasing orbs through official channels to resolve this.

Blizzard now says that players with negative orb balances will be barred from participating in competitive multiplayer modes. Also, other punishments might come their way for the negative orb issue. For example, players with a very high negative orb value have a chance to lose their whole account with the character associated with it.

Diablo Immortal Negative orb ban Support
Credit -Blizzard Support

Community lead of Blizzard Adam’ PezRadar’ Fletcher wrote on Reddit that a hotfix barring these in-debt players is in the works and will be patched to the game soon. But he didn’t given any specific date when it will be coming out. Players are hoping that the in-game store is exclusive so that third parties cannot get hold of the orbs in the first place.

It’s unclear how these third-party sites obtained the orbs in the first place, given that they’re exclusively available on the in-game store. The cash is not provided by the game’s battle pass or daily incentives. So Blizzard is also investigating the issue, and hopefully, they will come back with a better solution.