Diablo Immortal: List of All NPCs

Non Playable Characters (NPCs) are one of the most important parts of any RPG game like Diablo Immortal for their various activities throughout the games. Here is a list of all of them.

The popular role-playing game Diablo has been adapted for mobile devices for the first time with Diablo Immortal, the most recent addition to the Diablo franchise. Blizzard Entertainment has made it possible for fans of Diablo to play the game on their mobile devices and enjoy the game’s huge universe. Many aspects of Diablo Immortal are analogous to those of the earlier games in the series, and there are also some new aspects that have been included in the game.

Just like other RPGs, Diablo Immortal also features many Non-Playable Characters, better known as NPCs, in the game. These NPCs can act as traders or provide the players with several rewards and resources at several game stages.

diablo immortal npc
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Players will encounter these NPCs at several quest points throughout The Sanctuary. They will meet different NPCs at different locations during their quests for different activities. Here is a list of all the NPCs in Diablo Immortal.

List of all Diablo Immortal NPCs According to Locations


  • Charsi: Blacksmith
  • Zamina: Essence Transfer
  • Yverius: SMithing Materials
  • Dya: Market
  • Yakin: Rarities and Antiquities
  • Lanali: Identifier
  • Vas: Charm Craftsman
  • Lieutenant Fizriah: Hilts Trader
  • Luuko: Crystal Merchant
  • Vic: Master Jeweler
  • Seril: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Captain Rehm: Ship Transport
  • Derek: Bounty Quartermaster
  • Cellik: Fading Embers and Runes
  • Taite: Side Quest NPC
  • Battleground-Captain: Battlegrounds
  • Historical Archivist: Factions
  • Jondo Mouren: Crest Merchant
  • Deckard Cain: Main Story NPC
  • Valstus: Warband Steward


  • Deckard Cain: Story NPC
  • Lyra: Story NPC
  • Korrin: Blacksmith
  • Kindra: Apprentice Jeweler

Dark Wood(Quest NPC)

  • Mauricette: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Hess: Blacksmith
  • Tylla: Identifier
  • Raissa: Quest NPC
  • Vayle: Quest NPC
  • Lillia: Quest NPC
  • Mirrel the Lost: Quest NPC
  • Annor: Quest NPC
  • Rohdan: Quest NPC
  • Floria: Quest NPC
  • Tamara: Quest NPC
  • Shikha: Quest NPC
  • Amyrah: Quest NPC
  • Flavie: Quest NPC

Ashwold Cemetery

  • Paulie: Blacksmith
  • Captain Azmir: Story NPC
  • Darlene: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Natara: Identifier
  • Guard Malik: Quest NPC
  • Batum: Quest NPC
  • Loub: Quest NPC
  • Cedric: Quest NPC
  • Guard Kypp: Quest NPC
  • Lieutenant Hudson: Quest NPC
  • Guard Andreas: Quest NPC
  • Qudan: Quest NPC
  • Guard Raum: Quest NPC
  • Garrett: Quest NPC
  • Guard Hollis: Quest NPC

Shassar Sea

  • Emigne: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Ferum: Blacksmith
  • Lena: Identifier
  • Tomi: Quest NPC
  • Yves: Quest NPC
  • Pluton: Quest NPC
  • Finke: Quest NPC
  • Alma: Quest NPC
  • Vinter: Quest NPC
  • Vasilka: Quest NPC
  • Injured Merchant: Quest NPC
  • Captain Sahid: Quest NPC
  • Soldier Khayyan: Quest NPC
  • Gade: Quest NPC
  • Ross: Quest NPC

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Library of Zoltun Kulle

  • Soot-Shimmer: Jeweler
  • Resolute Smelter: Blacksmith
  • Insightful Sands: Identifier
  • Siraj: Quest NPC
  • Hamad’s Ghost: Quest NPC
  • Cindermaker: Quest NPC
  • Jerrick Stonebelly: Quest NPC
  • Amri: Quest NPC
  • Fathom Surveyor: Quest NPC
  • Rahmi: Quest NPC
  • Cobblemender: Quest NPC
  • Subterran Porter: Quest NPC
  • Bibliotecary: Quest NPC
  • Stelliform Sentry: Quest NPC
  • Luminous Calx: Quest NPC

Mount Zavain

  • Julianne: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Ivor: Blacksmith
  • Halana: Identifier
  • Captain Vereks: Story NPC
  • Ammar: Quest NPC
  • Chayne: Quest NPC
  • Beyric: Quest NPC
  • Szandra: Quest NPC
  • Elod: Quest NPC
  • Guard Terell: Quest NPC
  • Tarkal: Quest NPC
  • Donat: Quest NPC
  • Vogen: Quest NPC
  • Albia: Quest NPC
  • Brajen: Quest NPC
  • Woden Castell: Quest NPC
  • Harbin: Quest NPC
  • Caulder: Quest NPC


  • Krystabelle: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Dermott: Blacksmith
  • Keelan: Identifier
  • Swampfound Henry: Quest NPC
  • Gamlin: Quest NPC
  • William Thorpe: Quest NPC
  • Talva Silvertongue: Quest NPC
  • Sandro the Mouth: Quest NPC
  • Roul Terrago: Quest NPC
  • Carys: Quest NPC
  • Merraid: Quest NPC
  • Ross: Quest NPC
  • Crodric: Quest NPC
  • Alunthe: Quest NPC
  • Mervain: Quest NPC
  • Cadeus: Quest NPC

Frozen Tundra

  • Xalinta: Apprentice Jeweler
  • Elgon: Blacksmith
  • Leliana: Identifier
  • Warden of Everfrost Lake: Quest NPC
  • Ross: Quest NPC
  • Anson: Quest NPC
  • Tegor: Quest NPC
  • Ull: Quest NPC
  • Yasuk: Quest NPC
  • Timur-Koll: Quest NPC
  • Fianne: Quest NPC
  • Tassi: Quest NPC
  • Carling: Quest NPC
  • Hrodolf: Quest NPC
  • Agmat: Quest NPC
  • Trond: Quest NPC

Realm of Damnation

  • Yoventh: Jeweler
  • Ihadir: Blacksmith
  • Tormaros: Identifier
  • Kenley: Quest NPC
  • Netzrae: Quest NPC
  • Padius: Quest NPC
  • Andalon: Quest NPC
  • Vestige Guardian: Quest NPC
  • Zepydra: Quest NPC
  • Tassi: Quest NPC
  • Kyrel: Quest NPC

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