Diablo Immortal: List of All Legendary Gems in the Game

Credit - Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortals’ in-game items are of a huge variety and difference, Gems are one of those. These stones are slotted in armor, and they boost your magic and combat abilities. Here is a full list of all Legendary Gems.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. An installment in the Diablo series, it is set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

The game has a great in-game item slot system in which you can fit fragments called gems. These fragments grant you a slight boost in the beginning, but as you progress through the game, you can earn a higher tier of gems that offer better stat and battle boosts.

In this article, we will talk about these gems in the game and what boosts they give in terms of perks and powers.

All Legendary Gems Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gems Special Add-ons

In addition to adding special powers, all Legendary Gems also add the following:

  • Resonance: Increases the base attribute (Life or Damage) of the socketed item.
  • Combat Rating: Adds directly to your Combat Rating, a measure of your offense and defense. This is purely additive, so this doesn’t dictate where the gem should go.
  • Increases Magic Find: Adds this property once you upgrade the gem to Rank 5

1 Star Legendary Gems

DI 1 star gems
Credit – Diablo Immortal

All 1-Star Gems add per Rank:

  • Resonance: 15
  • Combat Rating: +8
  • Increased Magic Find by 5% (unlocks at Rank 5)

 Berserker’s Eye

  • Increases all damage you deal by 5.50%, but also increases all damage you take by 6%.

 Blessed Pebble

  • Increases the duration of beneficial effects by 4%.

 Ca’arsen’s Invigoration

  • Increases the speed of your Primary Attack by 5.50%.

 Chained Death

  • Increases damage done by your attacks by 1.50% per target hit, up to a maximum of 1.50 * 3% with 3 targets.

 Defiant Soul

  • Each time you Block an attack, you deal 64% base damage + 777 to all nearby enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.

 Everlasting Torment

  • Your critical hits inflict agony, dealing 10% base damage + 122 every second for 6 seconds. Each enemy cannot be affected by this more often than once every 20 seconds.

 Freedom and Devotion

  • Increases the duration of your summons by 8.0%.

 Mocking Laughter

  • Your Primary Attack forces non-Elite monsters it hits to attack you for 2.0 seconds.

Nightmare Wreath

  • You have a 10% chance when you defeat an enemy to cause other nearby enemies to flee in fear for 0.8 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.

Pain Of Subjugation

  • You deal 5.50% increased damage to enemies suffering a loss of control.

Respite Stone

  • Decreases all damage you take by 0.55% for every 10% your Life is below maximum, up to a maximum damage decrease of 5.5%.

Seled’s Weakening

  • Gain 6.0% increased damage for 60 seconds after killing an Elite monster.

The Black Rose

  • Each time you are attacked, you have a 10% chance to summon vines that Immobilize the attacker for 1.10 seconds. Each enemy cannot be affected by this more than once every 20 seconds.

Trickshot Gem

  • Your Channel skills consume energy 8.0% slower.

Zod Stone

  • Increases the duration of Ultimate Skills by 16.0%.

2 Star Legendary Gems

DI legendary gems
Credit – Diablo Immortal

All 2-Star Gems add per Rank:

  • Resonance: 30
  • Combat Rating: +12
  • Increased Magic Find by 10% (unlocks at Rank 5).


  • Decreases all melee damage you take by 8.0% from enemies within 3 yards.

Bloody Reach

  • Increases all damage you deal by 2.0% for every 2 yards between you and the enemy hit. A maximum increase of 8.0% at 8 yards.

Cuttthroat’s Grin

  • Gain 8.0% increased Critical Hit Chance when attacking from behind.

Follower’s Burden

  • Increases all damage you deal by 1.0% for each summon you control, up to a maximum increase of 6.0%.

Lightning Core

  • Your Primary attacks and movement slowly charge you up with electricity. When fully charged, your next Primary Attack will release chain lightning, dealing 90.0% base damage + 1134 to nearby enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.

Power & Command

  • Power & Command alternate states every 9 seconds. Power increases your Primary Attack damage by 8.0%. Command increases all other Skill damage by 8.0%.

The Abiding Curse

  • Your attacks have a 15% chance to curse enemies, reducing their Attack and Movement Speeds by 35% for 2.50 seconds. Cannot curse the same target more than once every 20 seconds.

The Hunger

  • Heal 40% base damage + 567 Life each time you defeat an enemy. Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.

Unity Crystal

  • You and all party members take 0.5% reduced damage per additional party within 6 yards of you.

The Fervent Fang

  • Each time you deal damage to an enemy, that enemy now takes a 0.8% increase from your attack, up to a maximum of 8.0% at 10 stacks.

5 Star Legendary Gems

DI legendary gems 2
Credit – Diablo Immortal

The most powerful Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal are the ultra-rare 5-Star Legendary Gems. These are only available as drops and cannot be crafted, except extremely rarely through one random recipe. You may want to hold onto some of them and upgrade them when possible. Increased Magic Find for all 5-star gems, regardless of Star Count, is 15% unlocked at rank 5. The Resonance and Combat Rating numbers vary, depending on the actual Star Count.

Resonance in 5-Star gems increases by 80 per rank. The Resonance value in the table represents the starting value for a Rank 1 gem of that star quality.

Blessing of the Worthy

  • When you take damage, you have a 20% chance to unleash retribution on all nearby enemies, dealing damage equal to 12% of your maximum Life. Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.

Blood Soaked Jade

  • Increases all damage you deal by up to 8.0% and your Movement speed by 10%, with less damage bonus the lower your Life, to a minimum of 4.0%.

Bottled Hope

  • Using a skill to grant a buff increases the target’s damage and movement speed by 8.0% for 6 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds per target.

Chip Of Stoned Flesh

  • Each time you cause an enemy loss of control, you will also apply an explosive curse. When the curse expires, the enemy will explode for damage equal to 45% of all damage taken during the duration, up to a maximum of 150.0% base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds per target.

Echoing Shade

  • Your attacks have a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone for 8.0% seconds which gains some of your abilities.

Frozen Heart

  • When you take damage, activate a Frigid Shield for 6 seconds that Chills enemy attackers and absorbs damage equal to 150% of your base damage + 1458. Cannot gain Frigid Shield more often than once every 20 seconds.

Howler’s Call

  • Your Primary Attack has a 10.0% chance to summon a charging spirit wolf that inflicts 150.0 % base damage + 1458 to all enemies in its path. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.

Phoenix Ashes

  • Prevents fatal damage, and then grants a shield for 6 seconds that absorbs 450.0% of your base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 180 seconds.

Seeping Bile

  • Your attacks have a 4% chance to poison enemies, inflicting 25% base damage + 263 every second for 6 seconds. This poison spreads to nearby enemies if the victim dies. Cannot affect the same target more than once every 20 seconds.

Zwenson’s Haunting

  • When you defeat an enemy, summon a dark beast to attack nearby enemies, dealing 50% base damage +486 to all nearby enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 6 seconds.

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