Diablo Immortal: List of All Icons and Meaning

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Here’s a list of all the icons in Diablo Immortal and their meaning in general.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. An installment in the Diablo series, it is set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

Icons in any game are a great addition to the whole concept of the game as they provide the players with a solid understanding of what they are seeing and playing. All modern games have their own icon sets to go with the game.

Diablo Immortal is no stranger to the concept of in-game icons. There are tons of in-game icons to help the players out in terms of gameplay and missions. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the icons in the game revealed so far.

Icon List: Diablo Immortal

There are a ton of icons in the game itself, we can cluster them into three categories.

  • Map Icons
  • Player Icons
  • Enemy Icons

Map Icons

Player IconPlayer Icon – Indicates the player’s current location.
Blacksmith Icon 50Blacksmith – A shop where you can upgrade and salvage equipment and reforge Scoria.
Stash IconStash – A place to store your weapons and other equipment.
Market IconMarket – Buy and sell Normal Gems, Legendary Gems, and Skill Stones with Platinum to other players.
Armory IconArmory – Save up to 5 different load-outs for your character.
Smithing Materials Vendor IconSmithing Materials Vendor – Spend Scrap Materials to purchase Enchanted Dust and Enigmatic Crystals; Trade Eternal Orbs for Reforge Stones.
Apprentice Jeweler IconApprentice Jeweler – Upgrade and craft Normal and Legendary Gems.
Master JewelerMaster Jeweler – Use a Dawning Echo to perform an Awakening on a Legendary item.
Crystal Merchant IconCrystal Merchant – Purchase Echo Crystals to upgrade Normal Gems above Rank 5.
Essence Transfer IconEssence Transfer – Extract and transfer Legendary Essence from one Legendary item to another.
Waypoint IconWaypoint – Teleports you to areas you’ve already unlocked.
Identifier IconIdentifier – Bring Legendary equipment here to be identified so you can equip it.
Charm Crafstman IconCharm Craftsman – Upgrade and salvage charms here.
Rarities and Antiquities IconRarities & Antiquities – Gamble Gold for random equipment.
Hilts Trader IconHilts Trader – Use Hilts to purchase Legendary Crests, Normal Gems, Enchanted Dust, and other items.
Iben Fahds SanctumIben Fahd’s Sanctum – Contains the Legacy of the Horadrim.
Bounty Board IconBounty Board – Undertake Bounties for XP, Gold, and other rewards.
Horadric Altar IconHoradric Altar – Turn in 10 Monstrous Essence to unlock a new page in the Bestiary.
Challenge Rift EntranceChallenge Rift Entrance – Dungeons that increase in difficulty with each completion. Rewards: Enigmatic Crystals, Scrap Materials, XP.
Elder Rift Entrance IconElder Rift Entrance – Replayable randomized dungeons that reward Gold, XP, and Fading Embers. Add Rare and Legendary Crests to increase rewards.
Crest MerchantCrest Merchant – Sells Legendary Crests for Eternal Orbs.
Fading Embers and Runes IconFading Embers and Runes – Trade Fading Embers for Runes and exchange lesser Runes for Ati Runes.
Map Icons Diablo Immortal

Player Icons

EXP Bonus IconEXP Boost – Gain bonus experience.
Alchemical Shrine IconAlchemical Shrine – Attacks turn enemies into golden statues.
Conduit Globe IconConduit Globe – Unleashes lightning attacks.
Player Icons Diablo Immortal

Enemy Icons

Demon IconDemon-type monsters
Human IconHuman-type monsters
Animal IconAnimal-type monsters
Undead IconUndead-type monsters
Purple Beam IconPurple Beam – Summons rotating beams of arcane energy.
Walls IconWalls – Summons walls around its target.
Fireballs IconFireballs – Lobs fiery projectiles in a line.
Speed Buff IconSpeed Buff – Increases Movement and Attack Speed of nearby monsters.
Teleport IconTeleport – Teleports occasionally.
Red Laser IconRed Laser – Fires target-locking beams of energy.
Ice Orb IconIce Orb – Summons chilling ice orbs that explode after 3 seconds.
Frenzy IconFrenzy – Periodically Frenzied: Speed and Life increased, and immune to Immobilization.
Lightning Ball IconLightning Ball – Summons lightning spheres.
Enemy Icons Diablo Immortal

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