Diablo Immortal: List of All Achievements and How to Unlock

Diablo Immortal has many achievements for the players to unlock, and here is a complete list along with how to unlock each achievement.

Blizzard Entertainment’s most recent multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on mobile is Diablo Immortal. It is the first game of the Diablo series to be available on mobile devices. The new version of the game retains many of the elements that were included in earlier versions of the game.

Diablo immortal features two types of achievements for the players to unlock. The first one is the Player achievement which is based on the personal progression of the players in Diablo Immortal. Another is the Exploration zone achievements, where players are required to defeat certain bosses or carry out certain tasks.

For completing each achievement, players will receive Hilt as a reward. They may exchange the Hilts with the Hilts Trader in exchange for Gems, Crests, and Upgrade Materials. Hilt rewards differ according to accomplishments. You may gain 40 Hilts, 50 Hilts, 60 Hilts, or 100 Hilts for each accomplishment.

diablo immortal gameplay
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

This article will provide you with a list of all the achievements available in Diablo Immortal, along with how to unlock each.

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Diablo Immortal: All Achievements and How to Unlock

The Tax CollectorAshwold CemeteryDefeat the Tax Collector 4 times in the Haunted Carriage Zone Trial60 Hilts
Skeleton KingAshwold CemeteryKill the Skeleton King in the Mad King’s Breach Dungeon40 Hilts
Officer HaganAshwold CemeteryDefeat Officer Hagan 5 times in Ashwold Cemetery100 Hilts
Haunted AltarsAshwold CemeteryDefeat the Haunting Spirits inhabiting altars in Ashwold Cemetery 50 times40 Hilts
Battle for the ShardAshwold CemeteryThere are rumors of undead rising in Ashwold Cemetery. Uncover the cause behind the unrest.60 Hilts
Map CompletionAshwold CemeteryExplore all of Ashwold Cemetery60 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryAshwold CemeteryDecipher Bestiary pages for The Skeleton King, Haunted Carriage, Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Archer, and Royal Guard100 Hilts
The Guards’ StoryAshwold CemeteryFind the 5 lost Cemetery Guards40 Hilts
Vile SarcophagusAshwold CemeteryKill 15 monsters in the Vile Sarcophagus Hidden Lair40 Hilts
DuskbringerAshwold CemeteryDefeat Duskbringer in Ashwold Cemetery on Hell I difficulty60 Hilts
Quests of AshwoldAshwold CemeteryComplete all 14 NPC Quests in Ashwold Cemetery60 Hilts
Shadow CloneDark WoodDefeat your Shadow Clone at the Tree of Inifuss Zone Trial60 Hilts
The CountessDark WoodKill the Countess in the Forgotten Tower Dungeon40 Hilts
Blood RoseDark WoodReturn to Dark Wood to kill the regrown Blood Rose40 Hilts
ZaerhudDark WoodDefeat Zaerhud in the Dark Wood100 Hilts
Damned EffigiesDark WoodDestroy the Demonic Effigy and Kill Damned Cultists 12 times40 Hilts
Blood ResurrectionDark WoodSeek Priestess Akara and discover the cause of corruption in the Dark Wood60 Hilts
Map CompletionDark WoodExplore all of Dark Wood60 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryDark WoodDecipher Bestiary pages for The Countess, Blood Rose, Direwolf, Dark Creeper, and Bloodsword Priestess Bestiary100 Hilts
Iron MaidenDark WoodDefeated Damned Cultists Trapped in Iron Maidens 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Blood ApparitionDark WoodSeal the Crimson Bloom to dispel the Blood Apparition60 Hilts
Quests of Dark WoodDark WoodComplete all 15 NPC Quests in Dark Wood60 Hilts
The Trial of KulleLibrary of Zoltun KulleUse a Portal Tome to complete Kulle’s Trial (Zone Trial)60 Hilts
Fleshcraft HydraLibrary of Zoltun KulleKill the Fleshcraft Hydra in the Library of Zoltun Kulle60 Hilts
BaalLibrary of Zoltun KulleDefeat Baal in the Destruction’s End Dungeon40 Hilts
Kiwei the SteadyLibrary of Zoltun KulleDefeat Baal in the Destruction’s End Dungeon100 Hilts
The WorldstonesLibrary of Zoltun KulleTo destroy the Worldstone shards, seek answers from the Library of Zoltun Kulle60 Hilts
Map ExplorationLibrary of Zoltun KulleExplore all of the Library of Zoltun Kulle60 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryLibrary of Zoltun KulleDecipher Bestiary pages for Baal, Rock Golem, Overseer, Imp, and Blood Lord100 Hilts
Dusty TomesLibrary of Zoltun KulleInspect Dusty Tomes and defeat the Fallen Lorekeepers 12 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Living BraziersLibrary of Zoltun KulleDefeat Spirits within the Living Braziers 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Blasphemous TextsLibrary of Zoltun KulleFind and Read Blasphemous Texts in the Library of Zoltun Kulle40 Hilts
Library QuestsLibrary of Zoltun KulleComplete all 15 NPC Quests in the Library of Zoltun Kulle60 Hilts
SargothBilefenKill Sargoth in the Temple of Namari Dungeon40 Hilts
Chieftain OngoriBilefenKill Chieftain Ongori in the Kikuras Rapids Dungeon60 Hilts
Gobbo the TallBilefenKill Gobbo the Tall in Bilefen100 Hilts
Ancient ArenaBilefenOpen the Nephalem Cache in the Ancient Arena in Bilefen 12 times (Zone Trial)60 Hilts
Awaken NamariBilefenSeek the angelic weapon, Yl’nira, located within the Temple of Namari60 Hilts
Map CompletionBilefenExplore all of Bilefen60 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryBilefenDecipher Bestiary pages for Chieftain Ongori, Sargoth, Bog Creature, Plague Nest, and Thorned Hulk100 Hilts
The Bloody BannerBilefenDestroy the Fetish Altar and kill Fetish Worshippers 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Damp CobwebsBilefenDefeat ambushing spiders 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Infected VillagersBilefenBury 10 Infected Villagers in Bilefen40 Hilts
Quests of BilefenBilefenComplete all 15 NPC Quests in Bilefen60 Hilts
SegithisShassar SeaKill Segithis in the Tomb of Fahir Dungeon40 Hilts
Six-Fingered AbenShassar SeaDefeat Six-Fingered Aben in Shassar Sea100 Hilts
Kormus the GuardianShassar SeaFind and defeat Kormus the Guardian in Shassar Sea60 Hilts
Lost ArtifactShassar SeaReturn a Lost Artifact to Calim (Zone Trial)60 Hilts
Revealing the PathShassar SeaOpen the hidden path to the Library of Zoltun Kulle60 Hilts
Map CompletionShassar SeaExplore all of Shassar Sea60 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryShassar SeaDecipher  pages for Fahir, Segithis, Deceiver, Succubus, and Herald of Pestilence100 Hilts
Dusty TomesShassar SeaInspect Dusty Tomes and defeat the Fallen Lorekeepers 12 times in 40 Hilts
Living BraziersShassar SeaDefeat Spirits within the Living Braziers 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Rat EradicationShassar SeaExpel Plagued Vermin 20 times in 40 Hilts
Quests of ShassarShassar SeaComplete all 15 NPC Quests in Shassar Sea60 Hilts
Ancient NightmareMount ZavainDefeat the Ancient Nightmare in Misty Valley100 Hilts
Lord MartanosMount ZavainEnter Martanos’s Tomb and defeat the fallen Zakarum Paladin60 Hilts
The DevotedMount ZavainFind and defeat Ming Shan, the Devoted40 Hilts
In Search of the ShardMount ZavainFind the Worldstone Shard on Mount Zavain60 Hilts
Map CompletionMount ZavainExplore all of Mount Zavain60 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryMount ZavainDecipher Bestiary pages for Zakarum Oathbreaker, Vulture, Treasure Goblin, Khazra Warrior, and Tomb Roach100 Hilts
Blood FeudMount ZavainDestroy Blood Clan Banners and kill Blood Clan Warriors 15 times in Hidden lairs40 Hilts
Mountain spidersMount ZavainDefeat the ambushing spiders 15 times in Hidden lairs40 Hilts
ShrubberyMount ZavainFind and examine Shrubs 30 times on Mount Zavain40 Hilts
Quests of ZavainMount ZavainComplete all 15 NPC Quests on Mount Zavain60 Hilts
ZakaRealm of DamnationDefeat Zaka within the Pit of Anguish Dungeon100 Hilts
Demon GateRealm of DamnationUse the Demon Gate to summon and defeat a demon 3 times (Zone Trial)60 Hilts
Atanas with MonstersRealm of DamnationHunt down and defeat Atanas in the Hall of Punishment60 Hilts
Skarn’s GazeRealm of DamnationDefeat Talons of Skarn100 Hilts
Lord of DamnationRealm of DamnationDefeat Skarn and recover the worldstone shard40 Hilts
Pillars of DamnationRealm of DamnationDestroy Pillars of Damnation and kill the demons within 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Molten SpireRealm of DamnationDestroy Molten Spires and kill the demons within 15 times in Hidden Lairs40 Hilts
Map CompletionRealm of DamnationExplore all of the Realm of Damnation40 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryRealm of DamnationDecipher Bestiary pages for Glacial Colossus, Rasplet, Gracecull, Dross Eater, and Hell Rider100 Hilts
Hiding in Plain SightRealm of DamnationSurvive the Old Growth’s Ambush40 Hilts
Damned QuestsRealm of DamnationComplete all 15 NPC Quests in Realm of Damnation60 Hilts
Spirit HuntersFrozen TundraKill Spirit Hunters while escorting the Ancient Spirit (Zone Trial)60 Hilts
Glacial ColossusFrozen TundraDefeat the Glacial Colossus within the Cavern of Echoes Dungeon40 Hilts
BrogothFrozen TundraHunt down and defeat Brogoth in the Plains of Blood60 Hilts
Ancestral RelicsFrozen TundraRecover 50 Ancestral Relics in the Frozen Tundra50 Hilts
Entangled SpiritsFrozen TundraDefeat Drayec and Tayev40 Hilts
Map CompletionFrozen TundraExplore all of Frozen Tundra60 Hilts
SiegebreakerFrozen TundraDestroy 30 Demonic Catapults within the Ruins of Sescheron40 Hilts
Horadric BestiaryFrozen TundraDecipher Bestiary pages for Glacial Colossus, Overseer, Blood Lord, Glacial Monstrosity, and Baal’s Minion100 Hilts
Barbarian SpiritsFrozen TundraFind and speak with 5 Barbarian Spirits throughout the Frozen Tundra40 Hilts
Bounty HunterFrozen TundraComplete 25 Bounties in the Frozen Tundra100 Hilts
Frozen QuestsFrozen TundraComplete all 15 NPC Quests in Realm of Damnation60 Hilts

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