Diablo Immortal: How to Level Up Quickly in 2022

Diablo Immortal Level Up Ways 2022
Credit - Blizzard Entertainment

The new RPG game from Blizzard Entertainment has been a head-turner for many game enthusiasts. Not only because it captures the theme of their infamous Diablo Game Series, but the game on its own is also a fun and overall engaging experience. Millions of players around the globe have downloaded it and played it on their Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

The game revolves around the medieval era when demons raid the world. The protagonist must fight them and keep them at bay in order to save the world from destruction. It is basically a hack-and-slash-type RPG game with a great story at its core. All of these combined make the game a treat for anyone, both for its gorgeous gameplay and also for its well-crafted storyline.

Although simply playing the game can gain experience and level up, it’s quite a time-consuming process and can be very boring. So we have curated this list with the processes by which you can level up quickly, get higher-level items, and tackle those higher-level monsters easily.

So with those out of the way, here are some tricks and tips which will help you to level up quickly in Diablo Immortal. Hope it helps you out, as we’ve put a lot of effort into making this list.

Credit – Blizzard Entertainment

Best Ways to Level Up

Clear Zones Partially

This tip might not be new to the veterans, but the new players in the ARPG genre are quite unaware of this. You don’t always have to clear the whole stage in order to advance in the quest. This also can grant you the same amount of exp but takes less time. It should grant you enough experience to keep up with the story since you’ll be completing Quests rather than killing mobs.

Complete Dungeons

Dungeons are the best way to level up quickly in Diablo Immortal. They can be played as a part of the main storyline, but you can also repeat them from the codex section. You can earn a good amount of exp from clearing them and also other goodies. The major regions all have a dungeon of their own. The 3 biggest dungeons are.

  • Forgotten Tower
  • Tomb of Fahir
  • Mad King’s Breach

Pass the Helliquary

This is basically the Raid system in Diablo Immortal. You can fight against Wrathborne Demons as a part of a party or solo. Completing these earns the players a huge chunk of exp, which is essential to level up. You can access the Helliquary at level 40 or 45 after completing your main story in Bilefen. Return to Westmarch, go to the Workshop and interact with Deckard Cain to start your Healliquary quest. Then, travel to Einfrinn Tree and find Rayek to begin the Helliquary.

Slay Beasts in the Beastiary

Although it doesn’t provide that much exp compared to Dungeons or Raids. But it is something that you can do almost always. Kill monsters and collect their essence to unlock Beastiary entries and after 10 essences, the bestiary entry adds and gives a chunk of exp and Battle points. But words of caution that the player can only hold 10 essences, so use them as soon as possible rather than holding on.

Grind the Battle pass

The new Diablo Immortal Battle Pass system contains 40 levels. Each level reward has items and a ton of XP. The Empowered Battle Pass costs a bit more but consists of even more levels that grant extra XP and items as well.

Explore The Codex

The Codex is the staple of Diablo Immortal’s XP generation. It works hand in hand with your Battle Pass, providing early tasks and objectives to familiarize you with the game. Plus, it advances you through Battle Pass rankings while boosting your experience.

Go Through Bounties

This is another great way to earn XP in Diablo Immortal. Bounties are scattered around the open world and in the dungeon. If you get a bounty that you don’t like, you can roll it, which is limited to three times per day. You can get 8 bounties daily from the Quartermaster, but you can only complete 4 per day. You can perform this with a clan to share the XP with your mates and earn more XP in the process.

Defeat Elite Enemies

Monsters in Dungeons and the Overworld sometimes have a glowing aura and different name colors. These Elite Enemies are more powerful than their standard counterparts, but this also means more XP. Hence, be sure to collect the Orbs that show up after they’ve been defeated.

Go to Pools of Reflections

Pools of reflection are scattered across the whole map, and they boost the amount of XP you gain and make the Codex and Battle Pass more rewarding. If you collect one of these and see a golden exp icon above your player’s head, just start slaying as many monsters as possible.

Wander XP-Rich Spots

Some areas of the map always spawn more monsters and creatures than other spots. These areas are XP-rich spots. Frequently visit these areas to farm monsters and earn tons of XP in the process.

Plains of torment

Plains of Torment are widely considered the best XP farming spots in the game. It’s conducive to rapid farming for several reasons:

  • Elite Monsters spawn frequently.
  • There are many Shrines.
  • You can adjust the route to cover smaller areas, enabling you to kite beasts easily.
  • The lower-left corner often contains a Pool of Reflection to boost your XP gain.

Moon Clan Encampment

The region is relatively narrow, allowing you to pick your enemies off efficiently. Two shrines with XP galore can show up on the route, so incorporate them into your grind for faster progression.


So these are our preferred methods of leveling up faster and easier in Diablo Immortal. All these are game-related stuff and do not provide any risk. Do try them up and keep an eye on our website for more tips and tricks regarding Diablo Immortal.