Diablo Immortal: Best Wizard Build in 2022

Wizard Build
Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainement

We are back yet again with some new diablo build tactics and tricks. Today we will discuss the best build for the Wizard class in Diablo Immortal. Now, to many of us, the Wizard happens to be the trickiest class to try out. But that ain’t stopping us from still picking it and getting the best out of this range-focused class in 2022.

Best Ways to Play as the Wizard

Meteor Build:

Upon focusing on how to master the Wizard’s way, some good knowledge is required. So allow us to help you with the deets you need to know without digging far. For example, the Wizard has great AoE attacks and ranged spells that work really well. Those who hate traveling distances can also use its unique teleporting ability. To be very honest, once you have started playing the Wizard, you will have a lot of fun, as this class really lets you customize your play session based on your playstyle. In addition, the meteor build has been one of the popular builds that everyone is raving about. Upon trying this one out, you will know how simple it is to develop and progress using specific items.

Playing the wizard class brings you nothing but thrills. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. If you are feeling lazy, you can just simply aim your beam from afar and cause havoc. Or, if you want to put up a fight, then you can also go and beat them up if you wish to, as the Wizard can equip weapons too. The Wizard is pretty straightforward for beginners but challenging to master.

Best Skills For the Wizard Class

The prime ability of the Wizard is the meteor. To properly incorporate this build, you must have the meteor ability kept close and utilized.

  • Meteor– The meteor’s ability brings down a barrage of projectiles from above. This is great for tight situations when a whole army of enemies flocks against you. It is known to deal about 1378 damage and stuns your enemies. The area of damage also causes a “burn” effect that inflicts 1152 damage in 6 seconds. (Unlocks at level 41)
  • Teleport– With the Wizard teleport ability, you can easily evade unwanted enemy encounters. (Unlocks at level 3)
  • Black hole– Creates a void for 3 seconds and laches your enemies at one place so that you may attack them at the same time. (Unlocks at level 41)

Best Gears For the Wizard Class

  • Starcallers Drapery (Chest)
  • Shoulders of the Cataclysm (Shoulders)
  • Starcallers Breeches (Legs)

1. Starcallers Drapery (Chest)

The Starcaller’s drapery is a great chest piece you can equip for your Wizard. This is also quite easily attainable and gives the player the attribute boosts. However, it also comes with a bonus modification included. With this, you have an added boost to your Meteor ability. With this, your meteor ability range is increased by 20%, with a damage of 10%.

2. Shoulders of the cataclysm (Shoulder)

Shoulders of the cataclysm are a great find. Keep in mind that these are a must-have for a wizard focused on amplifying its meteor ability. On top of that, it also increases its overall damage by a whopping 10%.

3. Starcaller’s Breeches ( Lower body)

The Starcaller’s breeches are an easy find that you will definitely stumble upon multiple times. With this, you not only get your usual 10% Meteor damage, but you also have nine potential properties along with extra attributes. Knowing the Wizard and its gameplay dynamics, we understand how squishy it can be. So don’t forget to increase your paragon levels too! A decent level of paragon points is the key to the best Wizard build in Diablo Immortal. Paragons and their levels will determine your preferred gameplay line and help you excel with the Hell categories of items.

Best Gems For the Wizard Class

1. Ravager stone

Ravager stone, Diablo Immortal

The Ravager stone is a “reforge” category stone that allows regen, heal, and damage attribute boosts all in one!

2. Howler’s Call

Howler’s Call, Diablo Immortal

The Howler’s call gives us a boost to summon an entity similar to the Necromancer. This gem also increases a 150% damage infliction to enemies in its path.

Where to spend your Paragon points for the Wizard?

Paragon Points

Paragon Points enable the player to diversify the end game. It also comes to great use when you want to excel beyond every level dungeons as you can unlock the higher tier of Hell difficulties ranging to Hell-1,2 and 3, and so on. With those, you get a massive power surge as well as higher drop rates or even many other benefits as you progress.

Best Paragon levels that you can choose for your Wizard

  1. Vanquisher (Unlocked at level 1)
  2. The survivor (Unlocked at level 2)
  3. The Treasure Hunter (Level 50)
  4. The Gladiator (Level 150)
  5. Mastermind ( Level 150)
  6. Soldier (Level 150)

The paragon points will help you through the skill tree that you will ultimately have to resort to avoiding the most microtransactions. In fact, you can normally progress impressively through accumulating paragon points alone.

Treasure hunter Paragon point menu, Diablo Immortal, iOS

Final thoughts

Considering how difficult this title can be for a beginner, Diablo Immortal made sure to put up one great challenge we did not get bored of. So it is not so difficult to get a simple and easy build for one of the game’s most challenging classes of heroes. The overall sum up is pretty simple. Each item mentioned above for the meteor build comes with a 10% meteor damage each. With the help of legendary stones and sockets, you’d have the best Wizard build in Diablo Immortal. We can finally conclude that the Wizard is one of the most difficult classes and has a fairly easier route to take in terms of a build without any microtransactions involved. We hope our guide for the best build for Wizard in Diablo Immortal helps you out to be an absolute killing machine in the game.