Diablo Immortal: Best PVP Builds

Here are the best PvP builds for each class in Diablo Immortal in order to win every fight in the game smoothly along with your team.

Diablo Immortal is the debut mobile title of the famous Diablo franchise by Blizzard. Blizzard, in collaboration with NetEase, released Diablo immortal, the world wide famous RPG game, this year. The game features a lot of similarities with the previous versions of the franchise.

Diablo Immortal features two game modes and six different classes for the players to choose from. Although, almost all the classes in Diablo Immortal are strong in certain aspects. Each class is stronger based on the game modes.

To make the best use of the classes, players must choose the best builds for the class that they are using. Builds have a great impact on the overall performance of each class on the battlefield. So, choosing the best build for the classes is essential before heading into the game.

Here are the best PvP builds for each class in Diablo Immortal.

Best PvP Builds for each Class


diablo immortal barbarian
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Lacerate
  • Undying Rage
  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Hammer of the Ancients
  • Whirlwind


  • Head: Second Breath
  • Shoulders: The Coming Storm
  • Chest: The Gathering
  • Legs: Screaming Fury
  • Main Hand: The Tempest
  • Off Hand: The Remembered


diablo immortal crusader
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Sacred Fire
  • Spinning Shield
  • Condemn
  • Judgment
  • Holy Banner


  • Head: Many-Eyed Aegis
  • Shoulders: Sivket’s Advantage
  • Chest: Besieger
  • Legs: Bladed Jambeau
  • Main Hand: Little Lance
  • Off Hand: Pavise of Ten Wings

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Demon Hunter

diablo immortal demon hunter
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Crossbow Shot
  • Multishot
  • Rain Of Vengeance
  • Daring Swing
  • Vengeance


  • Head: Boundless Ingenuity
  • Chest: Heart of Vengeance
  • Shoulders: Vaash’s Typhonic Stampede
  • Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury
  • Main Hand: Flamespite
  • Off Hand: The Hungerer


diablo immortal necromancer
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Bone Spear
  • Bone Spikes
  • Bone Wall
  • Corpse Lance
  • Wraith Form


  • Head: Visitant’s Sign
  • Chest: Parting Gift
  • Shoulders: Synod’s Anointing
  • Legs: Graven Bulwark
  • Main Hand: Desolatoria
  • Off Hand: Welcome End


diablo immortal wizard
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Magic Missile
  • Lightning Nova
  • Teleport
  • Arcane Wind
  • Meteor


  • Head: Mask of Illusions
  • Chest: Regalia of the Archmage
  • Shoulders: Searing Judgment
  • Legs: Chaos Nexus
  • Main Hand: Entropic Edge
  • Off Hand: The Siphon


diablo immortal monk
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Fists of Thunder
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Imprisoned Fist
  • Shield of Zen


  • Head: Pensive Crown
  • Chest: Enlightenment’s Blessing
  • Shoulders: Authority of Patience
  • Legs: Isolation’s Path
  • Main Hand: Intervening Law
  • Off Hand: Reaching Rebuke

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