Diablo Immortal: Best Demon Hunter Build in 2022

Delving into the world of Diablo Immortal, we have seen our share of unique classes, all with their unique toolset. Today we will discuss one of the most challenging heroes that Diablo immortal has to offer. Yes, you guessed it right. The Demon Hunter has been making us panic with its outrageously difficult play style. But nothing to worry about because we got you covered with the best Demon Hunter build in Diablo Immortal.

Demon Hunter, Diablo Immortal iOS

Best Ways to Play as the Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal

The Demon Hunter has been one of the most challenging classes to master, but that does not mean it is not fun! The Demon Hunter has one of the quickest and most strategic ability sets that are quite difficult to master. The attacks of the Demon hunter are pretty straightforward.

However, there is nothing that you will be able to accomplish without a proper set of gears to face formidable adversaries in the game. Not to forget the times when you will reach Hell-level difficulties, the game gets quite difficult. The explosive arrow build has been a fan-favorite build for savvy PvP players in terms of using the Demon Hunter.

So, we have found the most straightforward build by looking far and wide and have put together the explosive arrow build. It is a popular build that has been widely incorporated using the Explosive arrow ability. The idea behind this build is to get a specific set of gears, and here is how you can get the Best Demon Hunter build. To put it simply, the best way to play as the Demon Hunter class is by maintaining your distance and dealing massive blows from a distance.

Best Skills For the Demon Hunter Class

Primary attacks and how they work:

  • Crossbow Shot( Unlocks at Level 1)- The crossbow shot lets you fire arrows with your crossbow from a viable distance so that you can plan out which monster or enemy you want to take out first in order to proceed to the next one.
  • Explosive Arrow (Unlocks at Level 2)- The explosive arrow deals more significant damage by making a blast when it comes in contact with an enemy.
  • Impale– (Unlocks at level 41)- You can throw knives at your enemies from a distance. Ideal for those who rely on having their enemy’s health drained down to a minimal amount.

Best Gears For the Demon Hunter

1.Hell binder

Hell Binder, Diablo Immortal iOS

The Hell binder is one lethal crossbow for your Demon Hunter. In addition, explosive arrows get a considerable damage boost when used alongside the Hell binder.

2. Plate of Lethal intent

This happens to be one of the best-known chest plates that can be equipped in Diablo Immortal for the Demon Hunter. It is a wild card of attribute boosts, so there happens to be less knowledge about exactly which one it boosts because it occurs at random. However, there were no disappointments when equipped.

3. Cowl of Absolute punishment

Cowl of absolute punishment, Diablo Immortal

The Cowl of absolute punishment gives you a multishot cooldown which is reduced by a 10% and gives you a higher frequency of random attributes. Many of us must be wondering how on earth random attributes would help us. To be very honest, this may sound crazy, but it is actually quite effective.

Best gems for the demon hunter (Meta)

The vengeance stone

Vengeance stone, Diablo Immortal

The Vengeance stone is one of the most anticipated drops anyone could ever stumble upon. It gives you attack speed and damage along with defense ranging from 2%-2.5%-3%.

2. Fervent Fang

Our all-time favorite, the fervent fang happens to be the best out there with almost every single hero there is in Diablo. Its stats are unlike any other you have seen. Each time any damage has been dealt and you will have up to 10 stacks.

Where to spend your Paragon points for the Demon Hunter?

Paragon points are the building blocks to going up the skill tree. In short, Paragon is a system unlocked once you reach level 60 with your character, which basically means it is a tool to make your endgame activities more exciting. Given every time you go up by a level or two, you can enhance certain aspects of your skills. The simplest way to achieve this is kind of a lazy man’s way out. Speaking from personal experience, the only way Paragon points are easily accumulated is when you log into the game regularly.

With the help of Paragon points, you can pick your desired line of game-play and make sure you get the best out of only what you want. You can also play and get legendary achievements with the Hell difficulties and get the Best Demon Hunter build in 2022.

  • Vanquisher (Unlocked at level 1)
  • The survivor (Unlocked at level 2)
  • The Treasure Hunter (Level 50)
  • The Gladiator (Level 150)
  • Mastermind ( Level 150)
  • Soldier (Level 150)

We have finally concluded how we can significantly improvise the easiest ways to play using the Demon Hunter. Undoubtedly, you will be able to get the job done and unlock the most legendary gears Diablo Immortal has to offer. With that being said, this sums up our guide for the Best Demon Hunter build in 2022.