Counter-Strike 2 Mobile Might be a Real Thing According to Rumors

Counter Strike 2 Mobile
Credit: Valve

There might be a Counter Strike 2 mobile version in the works, according to recent rumors.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve. In the game, there are usually two teams of five. One team is called the Terrorists, and the other Counter-Terrorists. The goal of the terrorists is to plant a bomb and detonate it, and the goal of Counter-Terrorists is to stop the Terrorists.

The game has such a simple concept, but its popularity has spread worldwide. The most popular one of them all is Counter Strike Global Offensive, which is the 4th game in the series. It came out back in 2012, but still, there are millions of players playing the game every day, even in 2023.

With the release of VALORANT by Riot Games, many veteran CS: GO players moved to it because it had shinier graphics, smoother gameplay, exclusive skins and cosmetics, hero abilities, and such. Many people around the web were saying that VALORANT is the CS: GO, killer. To be honest, CS: GO having decade-old graphics and abundant cheaters actually made the game not fun to play.

So, for the past few years, CS: GO’s playerbase was slowly dying. But, just a few days ago, Valve came out with an announcement for Counter-Strike 2. On March 22, 2023, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2, which now uses the Source 2 engine. On the same day, Valve hosted a limited test starting the same day.

Ever since then, the CS: GO community has been over the moon and making speculations about the new game. The game will have source 2 engine movement, better graphics, volumetric smokes, and much more. Some of the OG maps of CS: GO have also been revamped for Counter-Strike 2.

But, with all this news and hype about the game, some rumors started spreading that a mobile version of Counter-Strike 2 might be a thing.

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Counter-Strike 2 Mobile Rumors

Aquarius on Twitter shared some interesting info about Counter Strike 2 mobile. We know already that Counter Strike 2 will use the source engine 2. According to the Tweet, source engine 2 supports iOS and Android, so Counter-Strike 2 mobile might actually be a thing if Valve wants.

The Tweet reads,

“Since Source 2 supports iOS and Android, Counter-Strike 2 Mobile might actually be a real thing”

Who knows, Valve might actually be working on developing Counter Strike 2 mobile as we speak and make an announcement any day.

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