Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Beta in Australia: How to Sign Up

Warzone Mobile Beta opens up in Australia 2022
Credit - Warzone Mobile Beta opens up in Australia

Call of Duty is already a big name in the whole game industry. Call of Duty Mobile has taken care of the game’s handheld side. But now Activision is planning to take the battle royale throne in the mobile segment with the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, which took the mobile gaming world by storm with the initial teaser release.

Call of duty: Warzone is possibly the most popular Battle Royale game out there. Most of the popularity is due to its free-to-play option, constant new updates, and smooth gameplay. So, Activision thought, why settle for only PC? So they have decided to release a mobile version of the game.

Recently Activision has decided to release Call of Duty Warzone beta limited release for android and iOS for the Australia region. People from other regions are also poised to try out the game for themselves. In this article, we will break down how to play Call of duty Warzone Beta from your respective country.

Warzone Mobile Beta opens up in Australia Region

Call of Duty Mobile: Warzone was having its limited closed beta earlier this year. We could see all the game mechanics and exciting gameplay footage from there. But fans are poised to hear that now if they are in Australia can test out the closed beta without any hassle.

The game will feature a 120-player Verdansk lobby as the core game, with tons of elements to add later on. The game mode, for now, will be classic battle royale. With new modes on the horizon, as the developers said to the player base.

How to Download and Play Warzone Mobile on your phone

Credit – Warzone Mobile

Here we will discuss how to download properly with the steps to follow:

  • Get a good VPN firsthand to change the region to Australia.
  • Clear the play store cache and restart your device
  • Connect the VPN and open up a new google play account in the Australia region.
  • Now you can see the game in your play store and can easily download and play it.

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