Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Release Date, Zombie Mode, Battle Pass, and More

Call of duty mobile season 9 breakdown
Credit - Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular games from Activision in the Call of Duty series for mobile. The game became immensely popular for reasons more than one. For starters, the game is insanely well-optimized. The game is optimized for all phones, from high-end flagships to low-end devices.

The second reason for being a trendy game is that the game releases new content and updates frequently. And the contents don’t make the game laggy or choppy. Instead, they make the game fun, and after each update, the game feels smoother than the previous one.

We got a peek at what the new season has in store, as the patch note for season 9 was released recently. In the article, we will discuss everything we know about it.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9

Zombies Are Back!!

The undead has come out to play as Zombies Classic returns in Season 9. In celebration of Halloween, Zombies Are Back, the ninth season of Call of Duty: Mobile, sees the return of Zombies with not one but two modes: Zombies Classic on the map Shi No Numa and Super Attack of the Undead. In addition, encounter a haunting in the new Haunted Hacienda Multiplayer map.

Zombies Classic: Brave Shi No Numa, aka the Swamp of Death, as players attempt to survive the rounds, facing an onslaught of the undead.

Super Attack of the Undead: Deploy as a whole group of survivors until one is randomly chosen to join the undead at the start of the match. The game goes on in this new iteration of the mode until the last human or zombie is standing. Both the infected and survivors gain new capabilities as the match progresses.

Haunted Voyage: Play matches and complete daily and weekly objectives in Multiplayer and Battle Royale to earn Halloween Coins that can be used to draw Halloween Candies. Different candies provide different points, giving players access to rewards like Parachute — Sapphire Skulls, HS0405 — Electric Eel, Rytec AMR — Blue Skeletons, and the Battle Hardened — Neon Fire Operator Skin.

codm s9 haunted hacienda
Credit – Call Of Duty Mobile

The New Battle Pass

Season 9 brings a brand-new Battle Pass, including free and premium items. Like the new Operators, a new functional weapon, a new throwable Lethal, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, Call of Duty Points, and more.

Free Battle Pass

This season’s free Battle Pass content features the C4 at Tier 14 and the Krig 6 Assault Rifle at Tier 21. Other free rewards this season include a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the Calling Card “Misty Seas.”

codm s9 free bp
Credit – Call Of Duty Mobile

Premium Battle Pass

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Zombies Are Back stream, including new Operator Skins like Kui Ji — Sapporo Stealth, Domino — Carbon Smoke, Zero — Dark Sails, and Merc 5 — Sea Monster. Other premium Battle Pass rewards include Weapon Blueprints for the ICR-1, SKS, GKS, Chopper, and the new Krig 6.

codm s9 premium bp
Credit – Call Of Duty Mobile

New Seasonal Changes

Season 9 brings new Seasonal Challenges offering exciting rewards. The new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, up to 30,000 Battle Pass XP, and many more. Check in-game throughout the season for more details, including a challenge that, when completed, unlocks the new Underbarrel Stun Gun attachment for the Pharo SMG.

codm s9 seasonal change
Credit – Call Of Duty Mobile

That’s all for the patch note for now. Keep an eye on our website for more news and breakdowns.

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