Call of Duty: Mobile Passes the 300M Download Milestone, Earns $1bn+ to Date

Call of Duty: Mobile passes the 300M Download Milestone, Earns $1bn+ to date
Credit - Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular games from Activision in the Call of Duty series for mobile. The game was released on October 1, 2019, and mobile game enthusiasts instantly got hooked on the game. The game became immensely popular for reasons more than one. For starters, the game is insanely well optimized. The game is optimized for all phones, from high-end flagship to low-end devices.

The second reason for being a very popular game is that the game releases new content and updates very frequently. And the contents don’t make the game laggy or choppy. Instead, they make the game fun, and after each update, the game feels smoother than the previous one.

Recently the game passed the milestone of 300M downloads across all the handheld platforms. And grossed over $1B in revenue. In the article, we will discuss it.

Insane Success of Call of Duty: Mobile

Appmagic data sourced by shows that after a spectacular launch in October 2019, the game has settled into an average of 136k daily downloads, earning Activision around $859k per day, based on the last 30 days of data. Based on the same timeframe, COD: Mobile earns Activision, on average, around $5.8m per week and has earned $25.8m in the last 30 days. 

App magic revenue data is based on developer payout and does not include the 30% cut the platforms get. Activision co-developed the game with Tencent, which also receives a revenue split.

Call of Duty
Credit – Activision

COD: Mobile’s launch in 2019 was spectacular. It was downloaded 9.8m times in its first 24 hours, and the next day, October 2, 2019, it hit its peak of 10.5m installs in one day. COD: Mobile attracted 51.7m total downloads in its first week of global availability.

COD: Mobile’s single-day revenue peak was on June 13, 2020, when Activision earned $2.2m in one day, thanks to the season seven launch. At the time of writing, Activision has made $1,031,005,874 in lifetime revenue on the title, according to Appmagic.

There are more COD games coming to mobile soon: Activision has said it’ll be revealing Warzone Mobile for the first time during a live stream on September 15. So we can hope that the revenue will continue increasing for Activision in the future days to come.

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