BMW Partners With AirConsole To Bring Casual Gaming Experience into Their Cars

Credit - AirConsole

The concept of playing video games while you’re on a ride is far from futuristic nowadays. The only actual system that you can play currently doesn’t offer that much diversity of games. The games include classic casual card games or puzzles like Tetris and Rubic’s cube unless you’re pairing your card monitor with your handheld gaming system.

AirConsole and the BMW Group have announced a partnership to bring casual gaming into new BMW vehicles starting next year. The announcement has hyped up the gaming world as this is a piece of big news regarding the sheer prowess this will bring to gaming on the go.

In this article, we will discuss all that we know about the announcement till now and what to expect from the partnership.

BMW and AirConsole Partnership

On October 11th, 2022, BMW and Airconsole announced their partnership to bring the casual gaming experience of consoles and phones into the car with you starting next year in 2023. Drivers and passengers can access various single-player and multiplayer games through AirConsole.

Credit – Shift Delete Twitter

AirConsole is a video gaming platform with over 180 titles and a player base of 10 million. The goal of AisConsole is “making any waiting scenario in the car an exciting experience.” The games will run on hardware powering the infotainment system.

Thanks to over-the-air (OTA) updates, games can be delivered quickly to cars without visiting a dealership. “With AirConsole, we will leverage innovative technologies combined with a wide variety of fun and multiplayer games.” said Stephan Durach, senior vice president of BMW Group connected company development.

gaming in bmw car
Credit – AirConsole

This type of big gaming for cars is a fairly new concept. A big company in the business like BMW is taking the first step towards this is a sight to behold. So it can be expected that other companies will also enter this scene. Playing video games on the go will surely have a bright future ahead of it.

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