Best Vaporize Teams in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Best Vaporise Teams
Credit: HoyoVerse

Genshin Impact is a popular anime-inspired open-world action role-playing game (RPG) that takes place in the world of Teyvyat. The game has achieved immense popularity worldwide for its explorable open-world environment and unique battle system.

Since its release, Genshin Impact has added a lot of elements to the game. Each of the characters in the game is classified according to their elements. While building teams in Genshin Impact, Players need to first judge the elements’ combination. The elements in the game are:

  • Pyro (fire)
  • Hydro (water)
  • Cryo (ice)
  • Geo (earth)
  • Electro (lightning)
  • Anemo (wind)
  • Dendro (wood)

Genshin Impact also features unique elemental reactions. Elemental Reactions occur by combining the elements of two or more characters. It is done by swapping between characters after casting each attack. Elemental Reaction is the main part of the Genshin Impact combat. Therefore, learning proper Elemental Reactions along with the best team compositions to trigger the Elemental Reactions is very important.

One of the most popular Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact is Vaporize. It occurs when Hydro elements react with Pyro elements. Vaporize itself does not inflict any damage on the enemies. Instead, it applies a significant damage bonus on the Pyro and Hydro attack that triggers vaporize. As a result, it has the highest damage output among all the reactions.

There are a lot of Pyro and Hydro characters available in Genshin Impact right now. Choosing the best Vaporize team for your party might be a tricky decision to make. Therefore, we are providing you with the best Vaporize teams in Genshin Impact.

Best Vaporize teams in Genshin Impact

5. Yelan + Yun Jin + Hu Tao + Zhongli

Genshin Impact Vaporize Team Zhongli, Yunjin, Yelan, Hutao
Credit: HoYoverse

This team composition comprises one primary DPS, one sub-DPS, and two supports. Yelan, the hydro applicator of this team, will carry out the role of sub DPS. On the other hand, Hu Tao, the Pyro applicator, will take the role of the primary DPS. Use the Hydro attack of Yelan and quickly swap to Hutao to start the Pyro attack and initiate vaporize. The combination of two geo supports in this team will increase the shield strength of the characters by 15%.

4. Bennett + Kazuha + Kokomi + Xiangling

Genshin Impact Vaporize Team Bennett, Kazuha, kokomi, XIangling
Credit: HoYoverse

This team composition comprises one primary DPS, two sub DPS, and one support. Kokomi, the Hydro applicator of this, will carry out the role of the primary DPS. Whereas the Pyro applicators Xiangling and Bennett will take the role of sub-DPS and support, respectively. Players can easily trigger the vaporization reaction with this team because of the presence of two Pyro characters. The combination of two Pyro characters in this team will increase ATK by 25%.

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3. Diluc + Xingqiu + Sucrose + Bennett

Genshin Impact Vaporize Team XIngqiu, Sucrose, Diluc, Bennett
Credit: HoYoverse

Diluc will carry out the role of the main DPS of this team, while Xingqiu and Bennett will take the role of sub-DPS. Sucrose can act as the perfect support character for this team by dealing additional damage with her Elemental Burst. Use Diluc’s Elemental Skill that deals Pyro damage on the enemies, and instantly swap to Xingqiu to trigger the vaporize.

2. Mona + Kazuha + Tighnari + Bennett

Genshin Impact Vaporize Team Kazuha, Bennett, Mona, Tighnari
Credit: HoYoverse

This vaporize team composition features four different elements. Using Elemental Skills and Burts of Mona and Bennett can trigger the vaporize reaction. The reaction will give x2 Hydro damage if initiated by Hydro, or x1.5 Pyro damage if triggered by Pyro. The combination of four unique elements will provide +15% Elemental Resistance and +15% Physical Resistance.

1. Tartaglia + Xiangling + Kazuha + Bennett

Genshin Impact Vaporise Team Bennett, Kazuha, Childe, Xiangling
Credit: HoYoverse

Tartaglia is the most useful Hydro applicator of Genshin Impact right now. Deal wet status on the enemies with Tartaglia’s Hydro attack and instantly swap to Xiangling to carry out the Pyro attack. Both the elements combined will trigger the vaporize reaction. However, combining two Pyro characters will reduce the duration of Cryo status by 40% on the player and increase ATK by 25%.

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