Best RAID: Shadow Legends Guide For Beginners

RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy turn-based role-playing gacha game by developer Plarium Games. The game is set in the world of Teleria, where Dark Lord Siroth continues his tyranny. Players take a role against the tyrant to defeat him and restore peace in the world of Teleria. Throughout their journey, players need to go through a lot of challenges.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a single-player story-driven game with several campaigns. The game also features a multiplayer feature for the players to make new friends and enjoy. Players can also join clans in the game.

The characters of the game are called Champions. The Champions are available based on their rarities. Players can upgrade each champion to a certain level to strengthen them on the battlefield. Players can also equip champions with several upgradeable gears.

With a lot of features available in the game, it might get confusing for beginners. In this article, we will write the best tips and tricks for beginners in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Best tips and tricks for beginners in RAID: Shadow Legends

10. Earn three-star ratings

Players can achieve up to three stars by completing the stages of the campaigns or the faction wars. After that, players can play the stages again and again as much as they want. Although not focusing on the stars will allow the players to finish the game faster, they will miss out on the opportunity to level up their champions due to the rewards missed from those extra stars.

The criteria for achieving the stars in campaign and faction wars are different. In campaigns, one star is granted just by clearing a stage. For example, clearing a stage without losing any champions will provide two stars, and clearing the stage with two or fewer champions in less than 10 minutes without losing a champion will award three stars.

In faction wars, clearing the stage will award one star. Clearing the stage with three and five champions without losing any of the champions will award the players with two and three stars each. Collecting these stars will help the players to earn more rewards.

9. Find and join a clan

Raid Shadow Legends Clan
Credit: Plarium Games

Players can join clans according to their choice. Clan members receive chest rewards, from which they can obtain several valuable items. So find a clan with like-minded people, join the clan and see on a beautiful journey in RAID: Shadow Legends along with your friends.

8. Choose your starter champion

Raid Shadow Legends The Sacred Order
Credit: Plarium Games

Players might get confused between the champions from the variety of champions available in RAID: Shadow Legends. Find the best champion which suits your play style and stick with that champion only. A started champion makes the game much easier for beginners to learn. Kael and Athel are the best two champions friendly for the starters to learn.

7. Upgrade the best farming champion

After reaching five stars, all the players must select the champion they want to upgrade to six stars. Choosing the best farming champion as the six-star character will be most beneficial for the players as that character can be used for farming and other purposes.

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6. Research gear upgrades

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Upgrade
Credit: Plarium Games

All the available gears in RAID: Shadow Legends can be upgraded to level 16. The power and strength of these gears increases as the levels are upgraded, providing the gears with some significant stat boost. Although, trying to max out the gears in the starting stage of the game might not always be a wise decision. The price of the upgrades becomes more expensive with the increase in levels.

5. Equip the best gears for the Champions

A wide range of gears is available to be equipped by the wide range of Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. Each of the champions in RAID: Shadow Legends has a specific role according to their abilities. The gear needed for the champions also depends on these roles. For example: equipping the tank champions with HP gear can make a huge difference on the battlefield.

4. Learn the Affinity System

Raid Shadow Legends Affinity System
Credit: Plarium Games

There are four types of affinities available in RAID: Shadow Legends. Each of the affinities reacts with the others and creates some changes in its nature. The available affinities in RAID: Shadow Legends are-

  • Magic (Blue): Beats Spirit (Green), weak to Force (Red)
  • Spirit (Green): Beats Force (Red), weak to Magic (Blue)
  • Force (Red): Beats Magic (Blue), weak to Spirit (Green)
  • Void (Purple): No counter, no weakness.

Understanding the combination of the affinities is very essential to have an upper hand during the battles.

3. Complete daily tasks and challenges

Raid Shadow Legends Daily Tasks and Challenges
Credit: Plarium Games

RAID: Shadow Legends also features a daily task and challenges feature for the players. Players can complete these tasks and challenges to win unique rewards. The daily login missions don’t require extra gameplay other than just logging in.

2. Complete the progress missions

Raid Shadow Legends Progress Missions
Credit: Plarium Games

Progress missions in RAID: Shadow Legends work mostly as the game’s tutorial. Players who do not want to go through the lengthy tutorials can try out the progress missions. Progress missions allow players to learn different game functionalities through the missions. The progress missions also feature certain rewards for their completion.

1. Finish the campaign mode first

Finish the campaign mode of RAID: Shadow Legends first before moving to the dungeon. The game’s campaign features twelve different missions, each with its own difficulty. To smoothly progress in the game, try to finish the campaign before moving into another mode. The campaign mode helps new players to gain more experience in the game and also helps to gather more gear. The RAID: Shadow Legends campaign is story-based gameplay for the players.

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