Diablo Immortal: Best Necromancer Build for June 2022

After going ham on Diablo Immortal for an entire week, I can safely conclude that the Necromancer is an amazing class to start your journey in this RPG. On a personal note, it’s been my number one pick since the beginning. So, today we’ll indulge ourselves in yet another rabbit hole to dive into which is the best necromancer build for June 2022.

Best ways to play as the Necromancer in Diablo Immortal

The things you need for running solo:

via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

For many of us who play mostly alone, like me, you can adhere to these tactics, which are quite easy as pretty much no one wants to die over and over again. What you need is a build that’s worthy enough to obliterate your enemies so that you can loot your favorite items in the dungeons or even in the raids. After a lot of trial and error as well as a lot of research, we have come to the conclusion regarding which is the best build for the Necromancer in June 2022.

via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

So as the list goes, we have to focus on the 5 key aspects that are the primary attacks which you will definitely need to level up. As for the skills, these are the core and vital parts of being OP in the game. If you still have not leveled these up to a significant height, then there’s going to be serious trouble progressing through the game, so at best, you can do the minor dungeons to upgrade yourself.

Primary attacks and how they work:

  • Soulfire: This particular attack, also my most used attack, is basically a fireball that you can use as a projectile to shoot at your enemies.
  • Bone Spear: This fires a penetrative shard/ spear-like projectile toward the enemies and also deals great armor damage too when leveled up accordingly.

So basically, to optimally play as the Necromancer, players need to first upgrade all of their primary abilities to a certain level and then keep their distance from enemies while their minions do their job. Also, don’t forget to keep moving your character in order to avoid enemy projectiles or surprise attacks.

Best Skills for Necromancer in Diablo Immortal

Skills are basically the branches of abilities that you can utilize to fight throughout the game. The rule of thumb is to bring your abilities to a certain level. Note that each of the levels might vary slightly more or less.

Best Skills in the Current Meta:

  • Command Skeletons(unlocked at level 1)
  • Corpse Explosion(unlocked at level 3)
  • Bone Wall(unlocked at level 28)
  • Bone Armor(unlocked at level 41)
  • Command Golem(unlocked at level 50)
  • Bone Spikes(unlocked at level 8)

Best Gems for Necromancer in Diablo Immortal

This is a fairly easy build for all amateurs out there. The first thing you need to remember is that players must be significantly leveled up to make these builds work. If you are aiming for a bulky yet versatile armored build, then follow this easy method and grind your way to close to level 50 or above if possible. Note that these are PvE based and may not be ideal for PvP.

The go-to legendary gems you need in order to build a “necrobuffer”:

Seleds Weakening

via: Seled’s Weakening. Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

So the key to this build is to obtain as much as legendary gems as possible. In this case, you need the “Seleds Weakening”. With this, you gain a 60% increase in your damage whenever you kill an elite enemy. For the best results, you have to make sure that you attached it to your chest armor. Also, stick with the bone armor as much as possible to get the optimal outcome.

Fervent Fang

via: Fervent Fang, Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

The next one is “Fervent Fang,” which you can basically attach to your leg armor as it is great for combat.

Berserker’s Eye

via: Berserkers Eye, Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

With the Berserker’s Eye, you can increase quite a lot of things. Such as +8 in Combat Rating and a whopping increase in damage by 5.5%. However, there is a slight con to this legendary gem. It also increases the damage that you take by 6%. But, knowing that you will ideally play from a distance throughout the game, it should not be so difficult for players, especially since there are various other gems to make up for it.

The best Necromancer build is always about balancing your loadout while keeping the pros and cons of the class in mind.

Best Gears for Necromancer in Diablo Immortal

The items best suited for your buff build!

Basically, this is the best “Skeletal mage” build that I could come up with during my times of experimenting. Keep in mind your stats may vary, and the drop sites of the legendary equipment may also vary.

  • Exhumant’s backbone (Chest)
  • Mirrorictus (Head)
  • Lone Preserver (Shoulder)
  • Welcome End (Shield)

Exhumant’s Backbone

via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

One of my most favorite chest plates is the “Exhumant’s Backbone”. Now I personally wouldn’t be sure how it would look on the male version. You can sure bet that it looks bomb on the female Necromancer. That’s not all. Just look at the number of attributes you get along with it.


via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

Another one here is the most amazing headgear that I have perhaps ever equipped. “The Mirrorictus ” not only makes you look vicious. The benefits are equally amazing. Your skeleton champions or the minions will become archers, and you will have a very good upper hand with tackling enemies from afar as well as from up close.

Lone Preserver

via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

Then comes our best item, “Lone Preserver”. Yes, it is the one that all YouTubers and streamers are absolutely raving about. This is bound to be the best item yet for your best necromancer build in June 2022. This allows your corpse explosion ability to freeze the remaining enemies on the site of the explosion. This allows you to finish them off in style.

The Welcome End

via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

Lastly, we have the “Welcome End.” Now that we have reached the end of our guide. This shield is notorious for the bone-crushing abilities of your Skeletal Mages. They will now be grim reapers and sweep through your enemies in a flash. Most importantly, Welcome End is absolutely ideal for PvP missions.

Where to spend your Paragon Points for the Necromancer

Paragon points are the building blocks to going up the skill tree. In short, Paragon is a system unlocked once you reach level 60 with your character, which basically means it is a tool to make your endgame activities more exciting. Given every time you go up by a level or two, you can enhance certain aspects of your skills. The simplest way to achieve this is kind of a lazy man’s way out. Speaking from personal experience, the only way Paragon points are easily accumulated is when you log into the game regularly.

With the help of Paragon levels, you can unlock the higher tier of Hell difficulties ranging to Hell-1,2 and 3, and so on. With those, you get a massive power surge as well as higher drop rates or even many other benefits as you progress.

Here is the distribution of Paragon levels that you will encounter as you level up. The names are absolute as they say and are guaranteed to take you to your desired route of play.

via: Blizzard Entertainment, iOS

Paragon Levels:

  • Vanquisher (Lvl 1)
  • Survivor (Lvl 1)
  • Gladiator (Lvl 50)
  • Treasure Hunter (Lvl 50)
  • Soldier (Lvl 150)
  • Mastermind (Lvl 150)

In short, the more difficult the level of Hell you endure, the greater the loot and the drop along with the XP you will gain.

We have finally made it to the end of our guide on building the best Necromancer build. Hoping the list of the greatest and most powerful items will let you be an absolute GOD in this class of heroes. That pretty much sums up our quick and easy way to have the best Necromancer build in June 2022 in Diablo Immortal.