Best Mobile JRPG Games for Android & iOS in 2022

RPG games have been at the core of all game genres. These games take the player on a profound journey and fulfill all their role-playing fantasies. The thrilling experience and the excitement never fade for a second in an RPG game. The side-missions, big bad bosses, and interactive decisions are all too engaging in RPG games.

Adding another level to the RPG sector are the JRPG games. Japanese Role Playing Games or JRPG games have their way of building a story and running throughout the whole campaign. If you are a Japanese trend lover looking for its taste in RPG games on your mobile device, then you’re at home! Today, we will show you the best mobile JRPG games for Android and iOS.

Top 5 Mobile JRPG Games for Android and iOS

Japan’s version of the Western RPG genre named JRPG is just as fascinated with hit points and dense fantasy mythology, but it does so with a different attitude and sense. JRPGs are seen to feature bizarre characters, often with flare hair and dementia, and sometimes even a ridiculously gigantic sword. The Japanese anime obsession is highly implemented in these games. JPG games have intriguing stories and fancy character designs surrounded by unique horizon designs. There have been numerous Japanese RPG games nowadays. Thus, we’re here to show you the top JPRG games you must try on your mobile at least once.

Top 5 JRPG Games:

  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Toram Online
  • Honkai Impact 3rd
  • Genshin Impact

5. Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is a classic Final Fantasy number. It was one of the most popular games ever released for the Playstation 1. The mobile version also does a fantastic job of making the game so much fun on handheld devices. The title is a paid one, and it’s worth every penny.

Image via: Square

The game tells a fantastic story about Gaia, a war-torn medieval fantasy world. The game characters and other graphics are adjusted a bit so that people with low-end phones can play the game. However, the storyline and the brilliant narrating make the game fun and enjoyable. This game has the highest score among all the Final Fantasy series games on Metacritic. Final Fantasy 9 is a classic game, and one of the things we appreciate most is that it hasn’t changed too much from its signature approach. The animation does pretty well too. You can max up your stats whenever you want on the mobile edition. This allows you to dispatch more challenging bosses quickly. A must-try JRPG game if you’re a Final Fantasy and RPG fan!

4. Chrono Trigger

Square Enix created Chrono Trigger, a critically regarded Japanese role-playing game. With a crazy time-traveling storyline and terrific battle mechanics, this is one of the best JRPGs ever developed. In addition, the game is one of the earliest games on this list. Chrono Trigger has a magnificent plot and incredible world-building mechanisms. And those who grew up playing the game will have wonderful moments, as it is one of the most iconic JRPGs on smartphones today.

Image via: Square

The material world has some beautiful mythology, atmosphere, and a lot of background material to consume. Developers put a fantastic battle system on top of that. Players will have unquestionably one of the best JRPGs of all time, regardless of platform. The controls are good but might take a little time to get used to. As players explore the open world, interact with NPCs who can assist them in acquiring the necessary equipment and supplies. The overall experience is an absolute must.

3. Toram Online

Toram Online is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Asobimo, Inc with vibrant, high-quality visuals, a vast persistent open world, and stunning scenery and environments. Combat is made of a point-and-click interface and several different talents and skill trees.

Image via: Asobimo

Quests are focused on a story with compelling cutscenes and NPC dialogue. Toram is suitable for having party raids. Players can join forces with thousands of other players worldwide in a massive persistent universe to take on strong bosses. The game features a fantastic musical score and melancholy surroundings. Try this JRPG on your phone and feel the combination of fantastic gameplay and horizon.

2. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is more action-oriented than an open-world game. This JRPG is a no-autoplay action game with extremely high-quality graphics. The game has excellent animation and amazing slo-mo effects while fighting. In addition, the game has intriguing solo and co-op modes that are easy to understand. The game has an excellent 4.7/5 rating on App Store.

Image via: miHoYo

The plot revolves around the never-ending conflict between alien forces known as Honkai and human resistance known as Schiksal. The game is set in the future, where humanity is fighting the Honkai for the third time after centuries of conflict. The story might seem confusing for players who didn’t play the prequel or read the manga. However, perhaps the most active and action-packed gacha Hack and Slash RPG gameplay are found in Honkai Impact 3. Additionally, controls are not too difficult, allowing players to perform cool combos and make sweet tag attacks as they use their ultimate move. The best thing about the game is that you can acquire so many premium items by spending time in it that it never feels like pay-to-win. One of the best JRPGs to try at least once!

1. Genshin Impact

The perfect JRPG on our list is none other than Genshin Impact. Genshin Impacts has been a visual treat along with its character designs and mission stories. The game resembles a similar feeling to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at times. This open-world action JRPG has some of the most blissful landscape scenes for mobile devices. In addition, Genshin Impact provides players with a long and enjoyable adventure, supported by some catchy soundtracks to keep things moving. All these aspects make Genshin impact our number one mobile JRPG game.

Image via: miHoYo

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. There is no defined approach to roam in Genshin Impact. The time you wish to spend exploring should be your foremost priority. Either You can relax and enjoy the vast area you’ve just arrived in or rush to the loot locations as soon as possible to grind. The different character types and skill visualizations are suitable for mobile devices. A game you must try on your phone if you love the JRPG genre with your heart.

Final Thoughts

The JRPG genre has its vibe and action style making it very attractive to certain players. The obsessive graphics, Japanese music, and anime touch to each sector make these games a treat for players. Try the mentioned mobile JRPG games as they’re pretty much the top choice all around the globe. Indulge in these mobile JRPG games immediately and taste the traditional Japanese theme while having a blissful in-game journey!