Best Mobile Games That You Need to Try in August 2022

The world of mobile games keeps evolving continuously. There are a lot of games that are available for everyone on Android and iOS. Also, many genres are available now on the Play Store or AppStore. Almost every one of us has tried playing new games to pass our free time, most of which greatly disappointed us. We play those games for a few minutes and realize it’s not fun to play and uninstall it instantly.

With hundreds of games being added to the stores weekly, our options only keep growing. But very few of the games which are released maintains acceptable quality. But luckily, August has seen the release of a lot of exciting titles. This month, from the famous RPG Tower of Fantasy to a simple game Blacken Slash, we saw the release of various exciting games.

Making a list of the games to play might be a tricky task. But don’t worry, we are taking the challenging task and doing it for you. We have tried to keep the most famous genres on the list. The games were judged based on their gameplay, review, etc.

With so many options in our hands, it is elementary to get confused. Do not worry. We will make a choice easier for you. Here is a list of the best mobile games you need to try this month.

Best Mobile Game in August 2022

Here are the games that you should try out this month. The list is not mentioned in any order.

Tower of Fantasy

Credit: Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy is one of the most famous open-world action RPG games available right now. It was developed by Hotta Studios and published by Level Infinite. Tower of Fantasy is set hundreds of years into the future on a sci-fi planet called Aida. It has similar anime aesthetics to Genshin Impact, for which many people call it a Genshin “inspired” game. The game also follows the gacha mechanics as its monetization process. 

Tower of Fantasy was released on 10th August and saw a significant boost in popularity and success soon after its release.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.

Noah’s Heart

Credit: Archosaur Games

Noah’s Heart is another famous sci-fi MMORPG game on mobile right now. The game was developed and published by the Chinese developer Archosaur Games. It takes place in the world of Noah on a massive open world map. Players can explore the vast world of Noah with a lot of quests available for them. They will face and fight hundreds of monsters and NPCs during their journey. The game offers an immersive environment with excellent visual graphics.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.

Diablo Immortal

Credit: Blizzard

Diablo Immortal is one of the best games available on mobile right now. It is a free-to-play MMORPG game published by Blizzard and NetEase. The storyline of this game takes place between Diablo II and Diablo III. The latest version of Diablo takes place in the world of Sanctuary, which is under attack by new evil forces. Players must locate and destroy all the shards of Worldstone situated around the map of Sanctuary to save the world. Diablo Immortal will provide the players with an actual hack and slash gameplay experience.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.


Credit: RageSquid

Descenders is a cycling video game developed by RageSquid and published by No More Robots. Although this game’s PC version was released a few years ago, the developers recently added the mobile port. The game is focused on extreme mountain downhill free riding. It features a procedurally generated world where players won’t face the same track, road, or course twice. Players can also ride as a team and establish themselves as one of the best riders.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.

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Dicey Dungeons

Credit: Terry Cavanagh

Dicey Dungeons is a roguelike deck-building game developed by Irish game designer Terry Cavanagh. Players take one of the six characters available in the game and go against challenges from Lady Luck. With their characters, the players move through a dungeon map where they encounter various monsters. The turn-based combat between the players and monsters depends on the outcome of the dice rolled by them. The goal of each run is to reach the lowest level of the dungeon and defeat the boss. The mobile version of the deck-building game includes two free episodes.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.

Card Crawl Adventure

Credit: Arnold Rauers

Card Crawl Adventure is a solitaire-style roguelike deckbuilding card game by Arnold Rauers. The game is most suitable for players who are into strategic deckbuilding games. In this single-player card game, players travel around the world to visit cozy Taverns and play against monsters with a prize of valuable cards. They can collect and improve their cards, equip powerful items and refine their strategy. Each character comes with its cards and effects.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.


Credit: Level Infinite

Chimeraland is an open-world sandbox game developed by Level Infinite. The game is set in a prehistoric mythical world where players need to gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research. Players can explore four continents with over 1000 square kilometers on the map. Players can relive their imaginations and become whatever they want.

Download the game for Android here.

Download the game for iOS here.

Blacken Slash

Credit: ehmprah

Blacken Slash is a roguelike tactical RPG developed and published by ehmprah. The game features a fusion of roguelikes, turn-based tactics, and hack and slash games. The game takes place in a corrupted retro computer system where players try to save the computer with their abundant loots. Players play as an evolving program represented by a pyramid. They are armed with a simple melee attack at first and quickly expands their arsenal to transmitters and circuit.

Download the Android version here.

Download the iOS version here.

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