Diablo Immortal: Best Crusader Build in 2022

It’s been a known fact that the Crusader has been one of the most loved classes in all of Diablo Immortal. Everyone has been raving about it. So today, we share our thoughts about the Best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal.

We bring you an easy and foolproof PvP build that you can all use and incorporate to proceed to greater levels in the game with ease. The Crusader Condemn build has been a gem since we looked into it. Trust us, and it does not get easier than this build one bit.

The Crusader, Diablo Immortal iOS

The Best Ways to Play As The Crusader

This is a buffed-up class to use in Diablo Immortal. Playing this class is the easiest as it gives pretty much all players a confidence boost to keep going solo. It is known for its tanky play style, allowing you to charge head-on at your enemies. The Crusader has an incredible amount of armor as well as strength. It is a melee/hybrid class as well.

The easiest catch regarding the Crusader is that it is not a squishy class you must be concerned about. Instead, using this class is a whole feeling of contentment in itself.

The Crusader in action

The Best Crusader Condemn Build

Today we give you a much more feasible way to amp up your Crusader to an unstoppable level. Presenting the condemn build like most say which to us is the best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal in 2022.

The skills of the Crusader

So basically, as a Crusader, you can dive headfirst and soak in incoming fire and deal massive damage to your foes simultaneously, which makes it a pretty robust class. But remember to keep an eye on your surroundings to tackle unsuspecting attacks from foes that deal massive damage.

Best Primary Skills for the Crusader

Here are some of the skills that you will have to pull off with the help of these.

  • Falling sword(Unlocks at  Level 8)
  • Spinning Shield(Unlocks at  Level 1)
  • Sweep Attack(Unlocks at  Level 1)
  • Consecration(Unlocks at  Level 20)
  • Condemn (Unlocks at  Level 47)
  • Shield Charge(Unlocks at  Level 41)

The best legendary Gear for the Crusader

  • Little Lance
Little lance, the main-handed weapon of the Crusader

The little lance may sound like a very normie category of a weapon, but with this equipped, Crusader becomes a killing machine. Falling sword ability is enhanced by 10%.

  • Pavise of Ten wings
Pavise of ten wings, Diablo Immortal

Using the Crusader, you can’t forget about his handy-dandy shield now, can you? With this legendary item, your spinning shield will rip through your enemies with 10% damage increase.

  • Sivket’s Advantage

This unique shoulder piece allows you to decrease draw and counter cooldown by 10% and increase its duration by 30%.

  • Iron Suzerain

This is the Crusader’s go-to legendary chest piece that is dedicated to increasing our main ability, Condemn’s damage, by 10%. This chest piece literally puts a cherry on top of the Best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal.

Best gems for The Crusader

Gems are attached to your hero’s gear sockets for an added attribute boost. They range from common to legendary in rarity.

  • Blood-soaked jade

This gives you great agility while maneuvering your Crusader around tight corners.

Blood- Soaked jade, Diablo Immortal iOS
  • Seeping Bile

This is one dangerous and toxic legendary gem. With it, your Crusader is going to have a great deal of poison damage to its enemies.

Seeping Bile legendary gem, Diablo Immortal iOS
  • Seled’s Weakening
Seled’s Weakening, Diablo Immortal iOS

The Seled’s Weakening is the most versatile gem that can be used with every other class. It is great for equipping your chest armor which grants you a 6.00% increased damage when you kill elite-level monsters.

Where to spend your Paragon points for the Crusader?

Paragon points

Once you reach the end game, that is not quite the end. Paragons are skill trees that you can use to get your desired continuation of the items or the path you want to take. Paragon points are specialized into two different factional characteristics, which are the specialization skills (niches) and the persistent skills ( nodes used to unlock)

The Crusader is a tough cookie, no doubt. This means there will be more solo raids and many more daring endeavors that you will undertake. There will be a time when you have to get your act together to utilize the best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal to determine where you want to prioritize your Crusader’s line of play. The easiest route is the Treasure Hunter at Paragon Level 50.

Also, remember that the Paragon points you spend on a skill tree are permanent.

Best Paragon levels that you can choose for your Crusader

  1. Vanquisher (Unlocked at level 1)
  2. The survivor (Unlocked at level 2)
  3. The Treasure Hunter (Level 50)
  4. The Gladiator (Level 150)
  5. Mastermind ( Level 150)
  6. Soldier (Level 150)
Treasure hunter Paragon point menu, Diablo Immortal, iOS

For those who have been nervous about not making it, the Paragon points help give you a hand. Diablo Immortal has made sure not to leave anyone behind in unlocking their desired game attributes. It is ideal for those who do not like or do not have time to grind in the game.


This sums up our best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal in 2022. We hope that you can utilize this build and play to your heart’s content, knowing that the Crusader is one fantastic class.