Battle it Out in The Arena With Mario Cart Tour New Battle Mode Update

Mario Cart Battle mode
Credit - Mario Cart Tour

Mario Cart Tour is one of the fastest-growing Racing Sim games out there right now for Android and iOS. The game took the mobile game world to its massive popularity as a classic retro game. Also, the earlier release on handheld devices like Nintendo Switch made it even more popular when it got released for mobile devices.

In the next update of Mario Kart Tour, players can expect to see the long-awaited Battle Mode and some other features modified and changed. The next update is scheduled to be on October 4, and the developers have already confirmed that they will be adding the much-anticipated battle mode in Mario Kart Tour.

The article below will discuss what we know about this mode and what to expect from it. So, give it a thorough read if you want to prepare for the new exciting update.

Mario Cart Battle Mode Update

The developers at DeNA are adding an incredibly popular mode to the game in its next update, which launches on October 4. Multiple Battle Modes have appeared in Mario Kart, each focusing on a different objective besides coming first in a race.

Mario cart battle mode scene
Credit – Mario Cart Tour

The Battle Mode features Balloon Battle, where players utilize items to pop three balloons over another player or NPC’s head. Players can use Shells, banana peels, bombs, and more to knock out players. Whichever team or player is left with more balloons is crowned as the winner. Mario Kart Tour¬†will feature two Battle courses in GBA Battle Course 1 and GCN Cookie Land.

Credit – Twitter

Also, in the new update, players can access a new Green Racing suit for their custom Mii characters in Mario Kart Tour. The mobile spin-off of Mario Kart is feeling more and more like a proper entry in the franchise. So keep an eye out on our page for more news related to the Mario Cart Tour.

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