“Baili Brothers”: An Animated Movie of Honor of Kings

honor of kings animated movie 2022
Credit - Honor of Kings

The honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle arena developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games for iOS and Android. The game is massively popular in the Chinese mainland and has boasted hundreds of thousands of players.

The game Dev recently announced that they are developing an animated movie featuring the Baili Brothers from the game. The movie was announced at the Honor of King’s 7th anniversary live stream. It was announced along with several other big, game-changing announcements.

In this article, we will talk about all that we know about this new animated movie, and also we will talk about everything that was discussed in the live stream. So give it a good read if you are a game fan.

What are the Baili Brothers?

Baili Shouyue and Baili Xuance are the two characters from the game. They are present in both the Chinese version of the game, which is called Honor of Kings, and the global version of the game, which is called Arena of Valor.

Credit – Honor of Kings

The Baili brothers, Shouyue and Xuance, are classified as the Assassin class in both games. That means that they are more like waiting in the shadow-type characters who pounce at you when the timing is perfect. But we think in the movie, we will get the back story of the brothers and how they become the deadly killing machine that we see today.

Credit – Honor of Kings

The movie will mainly focus on the upbringing and childhood of the deadly duo. Huang Cengxi will write the story, and he will also be the movie’s director.

Release date of the movie

The release date of the movie has not been announced as of now. But it is expected to be announced soon with the new update of the game is coming soon with a ton of new updates.

Credit – Baili Brother concept Trailer

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