Back to Bed Developers and Their Sussy Monetization Policies

Back to Bed is a famous indie 3D puzzle game with a unique storyline. In Back to Bed, the character Bob often sleeps at his workplace before starting to sleepwalk. Fortunately, Bob has a subconscious protector named Subob who watches over him and directs him to return to the safety of his bed. In Back to Bed, Subob guides Bob through a cityscape that resembles strange paintings, where the line separating reality from Bob’s fantasies has disappeared.

Monetization is a major part of every game. Monetizations in the games are the main source of income for the developers of the game. Indie developers especially rely heavily on the monetization of their games. In the past, the gaming community has seen several games implement unlawful means in the monetization process of the game.

One such incident came to light recently after a Back to Bed player took onto Reddit about getting scammed by the developers of Back to Bed. In this article, we will dive deeper into the unlawful monetization policies of the Back to Bed developers.

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Sussy Monetization Policy of Back to Bed Developers

Back to Bed is a famous 3D Puzzle game available on PC, mobile, and also Nintendo. The game can be bought for $2.99 USD from the Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore. The game has seen over 100K+ downloads on mobile platforms only.

Being an indie and paid game, the main monetization strategy of Back to Bed was to earn from the sale of the game. Generally, paid games cannot include ads in their games as a benefit of buying the game. We generally see ads in the free-to-play games, which are open and available to everyone.

Like most other paid games, Back to Bed, also did not include in-game ads. But a recent controversy arose in the subreddit r/iosgaming where u/realTrumpalumpa accused the marketing agency Mobaso to scam the players by including “intrusive ads” in the game.

The player further accused that he wanted to contact the developers regarding the matter, but they did not reply to him. According to fellow Redditors, such behavior of the developers is scammy, and it is cheating on other players as well. Mobaso is reportedly doing the same thing with the players of their other games as well.

Bedtime Digital Games is an indie developer based in Aalborg, Denmark. The developers have seen success through their game Back to Bed. They are also the developer of the famous indie game Figment and Figment 2. With the scam claims coming against them, Bedtime Digital Games are yet to respond about this matter.

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