Apex Legends Mobile Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons to Pick

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List
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Apex Legends Mobile launched globally in May 2022 with a whooping reception. This Battle Royale shooting game has become a sensation in the PC and console space for its intense fight scenarios. After the massive PC and console success, Respawn Entertainment decided to release a mobile port for handheld devices.

Unsurprisingly, the regional beta test for the mobile adaptation was a massive success, and its subsequent global release also received excellent reviews. As Apex Legends Mobile has been newly introduced for the players, a weapon tier list will undoubtedly assist them in casual and competitive matches.

Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile has already kicked in, and the rank grind is on for players around the globe. Respawn said the mobile version would gradually introduce the same weapons as the PC version. As the highly awaited mobile project is live, shooters must gather some idea about the weapons in Apex Legends. This guide will discover the top and less preferred weapons in the current season of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile Weapon Tier List

As a shooting game, knowing the Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list will be a big plus point for every new player. Patches will introduce weapon strength changes in Apex Legends. Unlike some other games, new players need to adjust to the weapons in Apex Legends to perform at their best on the World’s Edge map. Understanding the weapon strengths and scopes will make the game experience much more straightforward. This guide will show which weapon will make the course of mastering the game much easier, and it will also help you climb up the ranked ladder faster. We have tried to enlist the weapons according to their effectiveness in the current game season.

We have divided the 25 weapons into a total of four tiers. Where S-Tier represents the best set of weapons list and C-Tier will contain the least preferred ones. A-Tier weapons are not the best choices as they are just behind the S-Tier weapons. Although in some situations, they can perform great. B-Tier weapons are average for picking but slightly better than the C-Tier. Now let’s check out which weapon surpasses the other in the tier list:

Tier NameWeapon Name
SR301 Carbine, Volt, Kraber, Flatline, Peacekeeper
AR-99, Wingman, Sentinel, Spitfire, Mastiff
BLongbow, Havoc, Hemlok, 30-30, Eva-8, Alternator, Prowler
CRE-45, P-2020, Mozambique, Charge Rifle, G7, Devotion, Triple Take, L-STAR

S-Tier Weapon List

R301 Carbine

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R301 is a very beginner-friendly weapon with a reasonable accuracy rate. It’s a full-auto Assault Rifle that performs best from short to mid-range. In addition, the firearm probably has the best mobility, recoil control, and damage combo. Finally, a mag extension with an adjusted scope makes R301 a suitable weapon for every situation.


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Volt is the most reliable SMG in Apex Legends Mobile right now. Volt offers a very high fire rate with decent accuracy. It performs the best in close combats and has good base damage. Unlike the other SMGs, Volt is an energy gun which makes it unique. This SMG can sometimes beat R301 while fighting at close range and is strongly recommended for beginners as a side weapon.


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Kraber is probably the best sniper in Apex Legends Mobile. It has the deadly damage to knock down an enemy with a single headshot. In addition, Kraber has a slow reload speed and minimal mag size. Therefore, the player has to make the one-shot count with this gun.


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It is a full-auto assault rifle with a decent mag size and damage. Flatline might be right next to R301, only lagging in fire rate. The gun does critical damage in medium-range and has a somewhat predictable recoil pattern.


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Peacekeeper, famously known as PK in the PC version, is a lever-action shotgun with enormous base damage. Although, in close fights, it is a monster gun. With 2/3 hits, you can easily take down an enemy at close quarter encounters. Add a choke to this beast to get more precise shots.

A-Tier Weapon List


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R-99 packs a fast fire rate, making it a handy SMG in the game. Grabbing an extended mag will make the SMG a good utility. R-99 might win you a close-quarters fight against multiple enemies. Although it has bad recoil, players can get along with it with some practice.


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Despite the slow fire rate and limited mag issue, Wingman still is the best pistol in the game. This mini-beast requires good skill to draw out its true potential. However, it performs unexpectedly well on medium-range flights. However, we suggest playing R-99 with an extended mag.


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Sentinel is the second-best sniper gun in the game. It has a faster reload time than Kraber and a low transition time. It offers an excellent range, but the low amount of damage makes it the second-best choice in the sniper category.


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Spitfire is a powerful full-auto machine gun. It might just be the best LMG in the game in some cases. This LMG has a slow fire rate with steady handling to back it up. The best feature of Spitfire is that it possesses the ability to wipe out a whole squad if used smartly enough. Unfortunately, the gun has a long reload time, so players must reload the gun while in cover.


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Mastiff packs massive damage but has high horizontal recoil. Not a very beginner-friendly shotgun and requires some practice to perform effectively. It has individual shell reload with a low fire rate like all other shotguns. However, Mastiff can shatter close-ranged enemies and is a ground loot gun, making it handy in the early stage of the game.

B-Tier Weapon List


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Longbow has a decent range consistency. Therefore, Longbow can be an alternative to other snipers occasionally. It has a low recoil as a plus point, but the damage amount per bullet is pretty low. The Longbow is a ground loot weapon with the highest ammo capacity among non-charge snipers.


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Havoc is a complete auto-energy assault rifle that needs a spin-up period. It has a long firing delay which makes it a B-Tier weapon. With a slow reload time and lower damage, it is hard to do miracles with it. Nevertheless, Havoc has a fantastic fire rate. This gun might be a good choice if a player has a reasonable aim.


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Hemlok is a situational pick, making it a B-Tier weapon on our list. On the positive part, it has a great range and good mag size. But the burst characteristic of this assault rifle makes it a bit conditional.


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30-30 is a heavy marksman rifle with a western vibe. This rifle is somewhat good for mid to long-range flights. It has a very stable recoil on the positive side. This gun can be used as a shotgun alternative.


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Eva-8 is a fan-favorite shotgun with good hip-fire performance. However, the downside of the gun is that it has a lousy range and a low precision rate. In addition, this weapon is not a very beginner-friendly one to use.


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Alternator lacks the speed section compared to its other rival SMG guns. However, this weapon has a slow fire rate, good hip-fire accuracy, and high stability.


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The Prowler is an intense burst gun to knock out enemies at close range. Its rate of fire is insane but doesn’t perform well as the range increases. However, for a hip-fire-loving shooter, this is a perfect choice.

C-Tier Weapon List


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RE-45 is an auto-fire pistol with a great fire rate. As a result, RE-45 does well with tackling an ambush. However, the combination of a high fire rate but low mag capacity makes it a low-tier weapon.


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P2020 is an actual beginner-friendly semi-auto pistol. But sadly, it falls behind RE-45 as the fire rate is lower. Nevertheless, this gun has low recoil and somewhat good accuracy.


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Mozambique is possibly the worst gun to pick in the game right now. The weapon has a prolonged fire rate and small range. So only select this gun when there’s no other gun available.

Charge Rifle

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The only reason the Charge Rifle is here is the extended charging duration. Otherwise, the gun is easy to play with and punches good damage. This gun is mainly suitable for scouting the enemies.


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The G7 is suitable for both mid and long-ranged combats. The gun is not easy to use and requires a long time to control. However, it can be a good friend in most cases if appropriately mastered.


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Devotion has a large mag size which offers it the strength to destroy a whole squad. However, it is a charge-based weapon. So for a better outcome using a turbocharge hop-up is a must. Lastly, the recoil pattern of this gun makes it hard to use.

Triple Take

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Triple Take is not a good pick in front of other snipers like G7 or Longbow. However, it is an energy-based sniper with decent precision. Unfortunately, getting a good hold of this gun takes a while.


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Among all the LMGs out there, L-STAR has the worst recoil. It offers a reasonable fire rate but is very tough to control. In addition, it is energy-based, so the gun needs cooldown time frequently.

Final Thoughts

As for the initial stage, we tried to represent the complete Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list based on rank grinding capabilities and casual play. More changes might take place in the upcoming days. For the players, we strongly suggest that they try each gun and find a suitable high-tier weapon for themselves. Otherwise, claiming the top ranks will be a rough ride.