Apex Legends Mobile Upcoming Halloween Event Legendary Skins Leaked

Apex Legends Mobile Halloween event skin leaks
Credit : EA, Respawn

Halloween is one of the most hyped festivals, celebrated all around the globe. It is also one of the most exciting times of the year for gamers out there. As the Halloween events will roll out for all the games out there. From mobile to consoles. Mostly all the games will have a separate event of their own.

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most hyped and popular games out there for mobile currently. So it’s no surprise that Apex is going to have its very own Halloween event. There will be tons of spooky surprises and gifts for the players to grind and collect. And everyone is hyped for the event as expected.

To ramp up the hype even more, ThatOneGamingBot, has leaked some screenshots of a lifeline skin on their Twitter post. Which was retweeted by KralRindo, showcasing the cool details and gorgeous outlook of the whole skin.

Credit: Twitter

The skin looks pretty sick on its own, with visual details woven across every part of the skin. The Pumpkin Heads, Ghoulish Green Chemical pots and, yellow tint all over the character. The skin looks gorgeous in one word and will be one eye-catcher for sure in the game.

There was also another skin for the legend called Ash in the game. Which was removed shortly after from the game files. The skin was leaked by SWL on reddit.

Credit: Reddit

The skin looks so dope with its golden flair and the classic Demon like face-mask. This will be one skin to collect for sure in the game if it is released in the upcoming event.


These are all the skin leaks for now. We will continue to keep you guys up to date will all the latest updates and leaks as soon as they are released. So keep your eyes on our website for more.

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