Apex Legends Mobile New Exclusive Monkey King Agent Leaked

Apex Legends Mobile New Exclusive Monkey King Character 2022
Credit - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

As the game’s new season 3, the “Champion,” is in full swing, we are amazed as the new leaks have emerged that there will be a new Legend, it will be called “Monkey King”. As the name suggests, the legend will be a speedster, just like octane. The new legend will be exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile.

In this article, we will break down everything that has been leaked about the new legend. So give this article a proper read to understand more.

Apex Legends Monkey King

Passive: Charged Sprint

The passive will be something like it will charge as a sprint, and the sprint will be faster and better. Also, it is expected that the player can control the speed of the sprint.

Tactical: Arial boost

Gives the character a jump boost based on where you put the tactical ability.

Ultimate: Shield

The ultimate is like a Gibraltar shield, but the difference is that you can shoot enemies through it, but enemies can not shoot you from the outside of it.

The new character is sure to be a very new type of character. Yet any actual leak about how that character looks or might look is still unavailable, we hope that we will be able to see the character in full form soon enough by the leakers or the devs themselves.

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