Apex Legends: Mobile New Event Teaser and Skins leaked

Apex Legends mobile season 3 leak
Credit - EA games

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the constant updates and new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

As the game approaches the new season 3, several skins and other leaks have surfaced. The whole player base got super hyped as the skins look fantastic, and other cosmetics look fresh and exciting.

In this article, we will dive into the news and talk about all we know about the new update and what to expect from the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Leaks

There are many new skins and emotes waiting to be introduced in the upcoming Season 3 game, leaks of which have surfaced on the Internet. Credible data miners of Apex Legends Mobile, including ‘Apex Mobile Leaks’ and others, have revealed new skins and emotes for the upcoming season.

Credit – Twitter

Fans of the game must be already aware of leaks relating to Revenant and Ash. The two new legends are dropping in the game in season 3. Additionally, leaks hint at the inclusion of the alluring ‘Revenant Legendary’ skin. Moreover, mobile exclusive caustic skin will also be introduced, along with some legendary and rare Fade, Octane, and Pathfinder skins.

Credit – Youtube

Leaks have also revealed a new map called “Olympus” and a new weapon called “Rampage LMG” coming next season. However, there’s still no official confirmation regarding these leaks.

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