Apex Legends Mobile: Leviathan vs Dragon Challenge Rewards

apex lkegends mobile lev vs drg 2022
Credit - Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the constant updates and new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

The game also gained popularity because of its exclusive mobile content, especially from its PC counterpart. Apex legends mobile is having the best time of its short run in season 3. With loads of new content dropping in every now and then.

The new event that is dropping in most recently is called Leviathan vs Dragon in Apex Legends Mobile. This event brings in new missions and tons of rewards to claim from them. This post will discuss the event and how to get the best out of it.

Apex Legends Mobile: Leviathan vs Dragon

The event will start on the 11th of November and run until the 18th of November. The rewards will contain everything from charms to champion coins and pack shards. The final reward of the event will be a legendary skin for the legend Crypto.

Missions to do in the Event and Their Reward

  • Play 10 matches in any mode: 1 Dragonfly Drone (Charm)
  • Use Replicator 10 times in Battle Royale: 200 Flux
  • Use Ordnance 15 times in any mode: 3 Pack Pieces (Collect 10 Pack Pieces to collect 1 Common Pack)
  • Finish in the top 3 in Battle Royale 6 times: 1000 Champion Coins
  • Knock down enemies 20 times with Assault Rifles in Battle Royale: 2000 Champion Coins
  • Deal 500 damage in Battle Royale mode as Crypto, Octane, or Lifeline: 6 Pack Pieces
  • Kill 10 enemies with SMGs in any mode: Rust Duster ( Legendary Crypto skin)
apex mobile lev vs drg missions
Credit – Apex legends Mobile

The Final Reward

The final reward for the event will be legendary skin for the Character Crypto. The skin is called Rust Duster and features Crypto in a dusty ash-colored suit. The skin looks very promising and visually pleasing. So it might become a must-grab for the players who main Crypto as their regular go-to Character to play the game.

crypto skin rust duster
Credit – Apex Legends Mobile

How to Access the Event Missions

The event missions are on the right side of the home screen. There they can find the event rewards and missions. If any mission is completed, you can tap ‘Claim’ to claim the reward associated with the mission itself.

That’s all we know about Apex Legends’ new event called Leviathan vs Dragons. We will keep you guys updated if any new news is known.

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