Apex Legends Mobile Leaks: Revenant Coming in Season 3.5

apex legends mobile revenant leak 2022
Credit - EA Games

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

As the game’s new season 3, the “Champion,” is in full swing, we are amazed as the new leaks hint that one of the most hyped champions from the PC version of the game, REVENANT, might be the upcoming champion. Revenant is one of the coolest looking and most powerful characters in the game, and mobile players were looking forward to playing this simulacrum in their mobile counterparts.

Here we will discuss all we know about the leaks and what to expect. So please read it thoroughly to prepare for what Apex Legends Mobile season 3.5 and Revenant have in store for us.

Revenant is Coming in Apex legends Mobile Patch 3.5

The new season of Apex legends Mobile, Season 3, is in full swing, bringing the new legend “Ash” into the game. Data miners have studied the new game files and found out that one of the most hyped characters of the game, “Revenant,” will be coming in the live servers in patch 3.5.

Credit – Apex Mobile Leaks

Revenant is an Offensive Legend in the PC counterpart of the game and looks one of the deadliest also. His alias is “The Synthetic Nightmare,” and he sure looks like one. Boasting a Red and Metal color scheme and a skeleton-like facial mask. Revenant will surely bring nightmarish gameplay for the opponents on the battleground. The whole Playerbase of Apex Legends Mobile is poised to try him out once he gets released.

Revenant Abilities Breakdown

Revenant is an Offensive-type Legend in the game, and his ability kit also counteracts this. The breakdown of his abilities are:

Apex legends revenant
Credit – EA

Passive – Stalker: Revenants passive has two components. Firstly he can move as fast as the normal walk of any legend while crouching. Secondly, he can climb much higher than any other Legends in the game.

Tactical – Silence: Revenant throws an orb that does damage in a small area around it, and also, if the orb touches any opponent, they cannot use their ability for 15 seconds.

Ultimate – Death Totem: Revenant defies death, opening a death totem for the team. If players on the same team interact with the totem, they enter the shadow mode. In the shadow mode, if the player dies, he is then pulled back to the totem and respawned with the same health and shield he had during the initial interaction.

That’s all that we could conjure up for now. Revenant will be a great new addition to the Apex Legends Mobile roster. Words are Wattson is also coming as a new Legend in the upcoming patch. We will let you guys know firsthand if we get any new news from the leakers or the developers.

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