Apex Legends Mobile: How to Get The Fade Signature Weapon for Free

With the introduction of the new Season 3: Champions in Apex Legends Mobile, Respawn brought in a lot of new features to the game. The season 3 update came with new skins, events, Battle Pass, maps, and modes. Apex Legends Mobile also introduced a new legend Ash in this season.

Heirlooms have always been a popular discussion in Apex Legends. Finally, Apex Legends Mobile is also receiving a unique legend-based melee weapon. It will be called Signature Weapon in the mobile version of the game. 

Fade will be receiving the first-ever Signature Weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. Fade’s signature weapon will be called ‘Constellation,’ with two variants. It can also be upgraded as it features six upgradeable levels as well. Fade’s signature weapon can be customized as well.

Here is a detailed guide on how to unlock the first-ever Signature Weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. 

How many Signature Weapons are there in Apex Legends Mobile?

apex legends mobile constellation
Credit: Respawn

Currently, there is only one Signature Weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. Fade is the only legend with a Signature Weapon in the game. Other legends are also expected to receive their Signature Weapons in the future. 

How much does a Signature Weapon cost? 

The good news for the players is that the Signature Weapon can be unlocked for free in Apex Legends Mobile. However, if someone wants to unlock the Signature Weapon instantly, they can buy it from the store vault with 1500 Syndicate Golds. 

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How to get Signature Weapon for free?

Firstly, to unlock the Signature Weapon for free, players need to collect Signature Merits by completing several tasks in the game. Signature Merits are given in the game in various ways. The ways to get Signature Merits are described below:

Signature Merits are being given as a Battle Pass reward this season. Players can earn a specific amount of Signature Merit by finishing the tasks of the Battle Pass. They can also receive Signature Merits by completing daily missions. Achieving 100 activity points every day will reward the players with a certain amount of Signature Merits. 

apex legends mobile battle pass
Credit: Respawn

The easiest and most effective way to unlock the Signature Weapon for free is by completing the limited-time event. There is a limited-time event available in Apex Legends Mobile called ‘Signature Weapon Quest.’ The quest will be available from 18th October to 3rd November 2022. Players can finish all the missions in between this time to receive the maximum Signature Merits. 

apex legends mobile signature weapon quest
Credit: Respawn

There are a total number of 15 missions available in the time-limited event. Completing each mission will reward the players with different amounts of Challenge Points. Players can redeem these Challenge Points to receive the Signature Merits. 

Here are all the ways to unlock the new Signature Weapon ‘Constellation.’ Players can follow these steps and complete the time-limited missions to achieve the Signature Weapon. 

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