Apex Legends Mobile Exclusive Fade Heirloom Revealed

Apex legends mobile fade heirloom
Credit - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the constant updates and new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

The game also gained popularity because of its exclusive mobile content, especially its mobile counterpart. There is an exclusive mobile legend called Fade, which you cannot find in the PC or Console counterpart. Recently a new Heirloom weapon was revealed for Fade. The whole Apex Legends Mobile community was poised as it is one of the most anticipated heirlooms for Apex Legends Mobile since its release.

This article will break down the Reveal of the Fade’s Heirloom and all that we know about it till now. So please read it thoroughly to have a clear idea about it.

Fade Heirloom

Heirlooms are the most prestigious and sought-after cosmetic item in the whole game. The main game has many of them now, Valkyrie’s Suzaku being the latest.

Despite having different exclusive content, Apex Legends Mobile players are yet to see an Heirloom introduced. New leaks are suggesting that this could change very soon. With Season 3, the first Mobile-exclusive Legend Fade will get his Signature Weapon by the name of “Constellation”, a bladed weapon that can transform into bladed knuckle claws or a crescent blade.

Credit – Twitter

Fade was the first mobile-exclusive Legend to be introduced, so it makes sense that he will get the first Heirloom. This would also further push the exclusive content for the game, therefore drawing players in.

On top of the weapon’s two forms, players can also upgrade Fade’s weapon six times and outfit it with visual effects and unique textures.

Fade heirloom showcase
Credit – Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn says, “The base weapon can be unlocked by playing select missions to earn Signature Merits or by buying Signature Tributes during special events. In addition, you can customize the Constellation with visual effects, textures, and more.”

The Apex Mobile community is so hyped for this exclusive heirloom weapon, and it is expected to be a must-grab for the players as soon as it is released.

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