Apex Legends Mobile Best Skins 2022 – Season 2

Apex Legends Mobile is the latest Battle Royale shooter from Respawn Entertainment. After the successful global launch in May, the game is full of eye-catching skins and other elements that make it stand out in the sea of battle royale titles. Although the game is very different from the PC/console platform, the skins do not disappoint. The fast and futuristic warfare-themed skins surely make Apex Legends Mobile an attractive addition for gamers.

After playing the game for some time, players will settle in comfortably with their suitable Legend to take part in the Apex games. So personalization of different characters through cosmetic items is a no-brainer for players as that can make their characters more alluring. Here, we will cover the best cosmetics currently available for each Legend. Every player must want to get their hands on these skins as these are a pleasure to the eyes and treasure for collectors.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Skins

Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile has brought a lot of new skins, just like Season 1. We will give a brief on the best skins at this moment in Apex Legends Mobile according to their looks, rarity, and effects. So without any delay, let’s check out which skins are the most mesmerizing ones in the game. We have kept the beta version skins out of our list as they are currently unavailable in the game.

1. Bloodhound Charet-red Collection

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Bloodhound is very popular already in Apex Legends Mobile’s early season. Claret-red Collection is an Epic skin. This skin flexes a red theme Bloodhound with yellow strobe animations. The red robe gives Bloodhound a deadly serious exposure. Also, this particular skin is the second Epic skin of Bloodhound.

2. Gibraltar Under the Lemon Tree

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The only Epic skin of Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile is a Common Apex Pack item. It’s the quirky skin of the big guy. The apparel makes him look a little jolly with a natural vibe. On the battlefield, this light-themed skin looks sturdy and eye-catching. It might get the enemy’s attention occasionally, which could turn into a disadvantage.

3. Lifeline Pain Killer

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Now this one is one premium-looking skin for Lifeline. The medic’s skin represents a very rare outfit with a blue and white texture. This skin features face painting, which looks nice. Lifeline’s hair gets a white tone making her look mature, along with the blue headband. The main feature enticing players will be the golden highlights on this particular skin.

4. Pathfinder Slope Shredder

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The scout Legend Pathfinder has some pretty skins in its closet. Among all of those skins, the newly introduced Glacial Games event skin Slope Shredder has to be the best one yet. Claiming this skin will be a hard task because of the price and the scarce probability of getting it. However, the skin gives a furnished edge to Pathfinder. Pathfinder, as we see, is a robot with a heart of gold. With this skin, players get a sleek version of the grapple master. The white and blue colorway with lime highlights provides this skin with a really unique look fit for a protagonist.

5. Bangalore Golden Silver Armor

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Undoubtedly this skin is one of the best Epic skins in the game. Bangalore gets a golden-colored armor with this skin. The main feature of this skin must be its animation, which transitions from the body to the boots.

6. Octane Hit and Run

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Our favorite speedster looks clean with this skin as it goes well with his outlook. Hit and Run skin has a catchy lime and black combo that perfectly goes with Octane. Additionally, the skin gives Octane a goblin vibe. Players can find this skin in the Legends skin Crafting section.

7. Wraith Night Terror

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This Legendary skin might be the most distinctive in the game. Here Wraith has a tribal outfit and face marks that give her the look of a proper warrior. Furthermore, the boots and vest sum up Wraith’s overall hardcore look. Players can get the skin by recharging 2499 Syndicate Gold.

8. Caustic Will of Totem

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The Will of Totem skin has a nice touch to represent the only toxic trapper in the game. Surprisingly, this Epic skin is free to claim. The yellow spiral animation creates a unique look for this skin. Even though the skin color is pretty simple, the animation makes it a standout.

9. Loba Alpine Domination

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Alpine Domination is another Glacial Games Exclusive skin of Loba. This skin is rare, like Pathfinder’s Slope Shredder. With the Alpine Domination skin, Loba acquires a hoodie and snow goggles. The snowsuit and themed stick look nice with Loba’s stance. Great skin for the collector, especially because they often won’t see Loba without her long hair.

10. Mirage Golden Gear

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Although Mirage got the Winter Warfare skin, we still think the Golden Gear is the best one in his collection till now. Mirage has a golden vest and deathly purple-looking boots in this get-up. Additionally, the trickster gets a yellow flower-print animation over his black suit.

11. Fade Winter Warfare

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Mobile exclusive Legend, Fade got a Winter Warfare pass skin in the Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile. The skin show Fade as a winter ghost soldier in a ready-to-battle mode. In addition, the neon blue light passing through the suite gives it an extra futuristic look. Finally, the white armor and gear combined make Fade a full-fledged agent ready for Winter Warfare.

Apex Legends Mobile has introduced many satisfying skins till now. While the Beta version introduced many more skins, they didn’t make it in this list as they are no longer available in the live game as of writing. However, players can expect those skins to arrive soon with future Battle Passes and other exclusive events. So, collectors, hold your stances for more awesome Apex Legends Mobile skins. Bag them and show off your coolest attires at the Apex games.