Apex Legends Mobile: All Legends Tier List

Apex Legends Mobile was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022. Since its release, the game has received enormous positive feedback from players for its smooth transition to mobile. The mobile version does justice to the player’s expectations as almost everyone enjoyed the intense battles in World’s Edge on mobile devices. So a

In this Battle Royale, players can select specific characters commonly known as the Legends. Each Legend has unique and exciting abilities, making them extraordinary in different scenarios. So, players should know the proper use of the Legends to have a trouble-free time in the game. Considering the current meta, we made an Apex Legends Mobile tier list for all Legends available to help out newcomers. So let’s dive into the details of this tier list!

Legends Tier List of Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has introduced many Legends directly from the PC/console version in the game until now. In this game, a group of 3 players joins the Battle Royale, where every player has to contribute their part. Thus choosing the right Legends will give an upper hand to a squad. In a team, players can not pick a single Legend multiple times.

Hence, mixing up combinations within a team’s Legend selection is crucial. Sometimes players can utilize a Legend as a top-tier pick, whereas it can be a low-tier selection depending on the team synergy. So, we will be suggesting a meta-list for the Legends released till now in Apex Legends Mobile from a solo player’s perspective. We will divide all the Legends into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. In our list, S will be the top tier, and C will represent the bottom tier.

Tier NameLegend Name
SWraith, Gibraltor, Octane
APathfinder, Bloodhound, Loba
BCaustic, Fade
CBangalore, Lifeline, Mirage

S-Tier Legends List


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Wraith is the most popular Legend in the global community right now. This interdimensional skirmisher helps her team with the enemy detection. She can turn invulnerable with her tactical ability and help her team escape from sticky situations using her ultimate. Basically, she can safely teleport her entire team. In short, she’s a total package to engage and disengage from any situation, making her incredibly potent. Her super mobility and tactical ability are big assets for teams playing professionally or teams who are serious about ranking up.


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Gibraltar is a tanky Legend in the game. He is probably the best cover provider in the game and is very hard to take down because of the shield he has. Teams can use him to take cover and counterattack from behind. Considering all of his perks in the mobile port, he might be a handy pick. Because of the massive sustain and team cover ability, Gibraltar might be the perfect tank that players need to shine on the Apex Legends Mobile battlefield.


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Octane is the Flash in Apex Legends Mobile. This super fast Legend is a little tricky to handle but very effective simultaneously. Octane can bring back his lost health and trade health for high-speed movements. He is the perfect Legend to pick for the fast-hand players. Using his speed, players can reposition and outplay enemies in seconds.

A-Tier Legends List


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Pathfinder is a highly effective but tough Legend to master. Players can outplay enemies with this Legend. He is very fast, and his potential is too good for the late games. Mastering this character on mobile might take some time. As Pathfinder can easily escape or relocate itself and the whole team, this friendly robot is really effective in winning skirmishes.


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Bloodhound is the perfect tracker in Apex Legends Mobile. If a player is thirsty to hunt the enemy down and knock them out, then this is the Legend players should pick. No enemy can hide from a team with Bloodhound by their side. Bloodhound’s first unlockable perk resets the Ultimate Ability every time they knock down an enemy. So it is highly recommended to make full use of this perk.


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Loba is the latest addition to Apex Legends Mobile’s character list. She has good mobility to jump in and out of fights. But her main trait is that she can loot big time for herself and her teammates. Her ultimate ability will enable a team to get the best equipment from the black market, giving them a big upper hand in that game.

B-Tier Legends List


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Caustic is the best character for players who like to camp in buildings. He is good for holding down a site defensively, and his gas traps are really effective at the end game. However, as Gibraltar has a tad bit more powerful utility on his side, Caustic becomes more of a situational and second-best option, making him a B-Tier legend.


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Fade is the first mobile-exclusive hero. Players from PC/console won’t recognize him. Fade is quite similar to Wraith as he is optimal for making offensive plays and can easily outplay the enemies. However, this character can be difficult for beginners in terms of playability.

C-Tier Legends List


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The biggest reason Bangalore is low on this list is due to her ultimate being the weakest in the game right now. Bangalore’s abilities are ideal for making offensive plays. However, she lacks the tactical ability advantages that other legends have, which might need some buff soon.


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Lifeline is the last Legend you’d want to pick in the game right now for rank pushes or anything. Having Lifeline might feel good for the team, but no one wants to pick the character because of her weak abilities. One positive side is that Lifeline does not have to be physically present while healing her teammates. Her tactical ability is a good asset, but we won’t recommend this Legend for competitive matches.


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If a player wants to troll and kill simultaneously, then Mirage is your guy. Unfortunately, he is not very suitable for rank grinding, and his skills are tough to master. In addition, this holographic trickster’s kit lacks the punch required to climb levels in Apex mobile.

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends Mobile has been introducing new Legends and will continue to do so in the upcoming days. To shine on the World’s Edge, players should look at this Apex Legends Mobile Legends tier list. Though some Legends lack the extra punch in some situations, this doesn’t mean they are useless. Try out every character and see which matches your playstyle in the arena!