Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow Event: All You Need To Know

Apex Legends Aftershow event
Credit - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity because of the constant updates and new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

As the game approaches the new season 3, the new event called “Aftershow” is announced, and the developers have dropped in the patch note. With a unique and rewarding battle pass and tons of short events to come, the community is excited to see what this new season has in store for them.

This article will break down the patch note and all we know about the Aftershow event. So please read it thoroughly to prepare for what Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow has in store.

Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow

“Everybody knows the fun really starts at the Aftershow!” – Stated the developers. In this update, the game has a brand new battle pass, a new way to play Battle Royale, new events, map updates, and updates to the game’s Ranked system. The Aftershow kicks off on October 5th (0:00 UTC).

Aftershow Battle Pass

Apex legends mobile aftershow battlepass
Credit – Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile released a brand new Battle Pass with some fantastic cosmetics that are up for grabs for an incredible price. The price of the Aftershow Battle Pass is 299 Syndicate Gold. This Battle Pass is shorter than usual but still packed with awesome rewards.

New Game Mode

The game now features a new Battle Royale Mode for solo players. All the players drop on the map solo and fight it out to be the Apex Champion.

Aftershow Seasonal Events

There will be various sub-events during the Aftershow event, providing players with awesome rewards. The list goes like this:

Take Back – Oct 8th – 18th (0:00 UTC):

The new Apex Legends Mobile exclusive legend named Fade was released in May. You can also unlock him now if you haven’t in this event. By completing all the missions, you can unlock Fade.

Battle Pass Boost- Oct 8th – 10th & Oct 15th – 17th (0:00 UTC):

During this time, additional missions will be available to progress the Battle Pass XP further to speed up its progress.

7 Day Log In Streak – Oct 14th – 21st (0:00 UTC):

Players can log in every day during this time period for more rewards and an Epic Loba Skin that will be attainable at the beginning of the Champions Season after Aftershow concludes.

Pro Mode – Oct 11th – 12th (0:00 UTC):

During this time, additional Seasonal Currency will be up for grabs via special missions for players to complete by playing HACK.

Sniper Showcase – Oct 5th – 11th (0:00 UTC):

The players can practice their long game with their enemies by completing special sniper missions during this period for special rewards, including the Saltwater Sentinel Skin.

Map Updates:

Beginning on October 12th, the dev team will make some slight changes to Kings Canyon. Encore Galore and Pythas Theater will be leaving the map for now. This will impact both Ranked and normal Battle Royale.

Ranked Updates:

Players can complete missions on select weekends to earn Rank Protection cards to help protect them from losing points during a match.

Players must log in to claim a Ranked Level Protector – which will automatically prevent the loss of ranking points. They can also complete two Ranked matches to earn a Ranked Point Protector – which will automatically prevent the loss of ranking points.

All Ranked Level and Ranked Point protection will expire after seven days, or when the season ends, players will be notified automatically when they expire. This protection will only be available by engaging in the events.

Ranked Protection Card Event Schedule:

  • Oct 8th – 10th (0:00 UTC)
  • Oct 15th – 17th (0:00 UTC)

Rank Restrictions Overhaul

Until Platinum, devs have removed any rank restrictions on who can party together to play a ranked game. For example, if someone is gold and their friend is Bronze, they can now play Ranked together.

That’s all for the patch note breakdown until now. We will keep you up to date with all the latest news regarding the game. So, keep an eye out on our website.

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