Apex Legends Cheaters Will be Permanently Banned

apex legends cheater banned 2022
Credit - Apex Legends Mobile

For as long as there’ve been video games, there have been cheats and cheaters. Cheating has made its way from hardware to software, and every gaming industry is affected by it in some way or another. The mobile gaming industry is also known for having fair amounts of cheaters in their prominent multiplayer or single-player games.

The developers of the games are trying desperately day and night to prevent cheating. But cheating finds its way out of that loophole in some way or another. Recently Apex Legends Mobile has had a big surge of cheaters in their in-game lobby.

To decrease the number of cheaters’ Apex Legends mobile has upgraded its in-game report system significantly. Also, they have announced high-level punishment if cheating is found. This article will cover what we know about this situation for now.

Cheaters are Getting Banned in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends mobile is proud of one of the lowest counts of cheaters and hackers in all of the Mobile Gaming industry. But this happiness was short-timed as recently, a surge of cheaters and hackers have flooded the lobby of the game. The developers of Apex Legends have said on their official Twitter post that the punishment will be severe and one might just get banned for life.

Credit- Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends mobile dev team has also worked on the report system in-game. So that people can get better chances and can actually test their limits while in the lobby. It will be one of the biggest steps for the number of cheaters to decrease.

Apex Legends mobile is at its season 3 now, featuring game-breaking content and other fun and unique things from its counterpart on the PC. If this initiative of Apex Legends mobile becomes fruitful, it might just be one of the cleanest and cheater-proof games in the mobile gaming industry.

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