Among Us December 2022 Update: Hide and Seek Mode, New Cosmetics, and More

Among Us December 2022 Update
Credit- Among us

Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. The party game “Mafia” and the science fiction horror film “The Thing” inspired the game.

The game became popular during the covid-19 lockdown and also because all the famous streamers and gamers eventually started playing the game for its uniqueness and simplicity. After that, the game burst into mainstream media, and soon after, everyone was playing it.

The game recently released its December update, which has bought new game modes with a ton of new customization options. In this article, we will talk about all that we know about our December update.

New Game Mode: Hide and Seek

aus hide and seek
Credit – Among us

This new mode is not any typical game of hide and seek. As a Crewmate, your objective is to do tasks in order to reduce the remaining time so that you can win. The Impostor’s objective is to get rid of all the Crewmates. To avoid the Impostor, crew members must use their limited supply of vents judiciously. The Impostor can locate you when the Final Hide is enabled by using the Seeker map and pings that disclose Crewmate positions.

New Game Mode Selection

You have two modes, and you’ll have to select which you’d like to join: Classic or Hide n Seek with the Game Type option

  • You’ll need to select at least one Filter so you can see a list of available lobbies
    • There are currently 4 filters
      • Beginner: Best for new players.
      • Casual: Best for players just looking to have fun and not take the game too seriously.
      • Serious: Best for players looking to win and play more deliberately.
      • Expert: Best for players who know Among Us well.

The filters used will match rightly. For instance, if you tag it with both “Beginner” and “Casual,” it will only search for creators of games that meet both of those criteria. You won’t see any games with “Beginner” or “Casual” tags alone.

Final Hide

among us
Credit – Among us

The final Hide occurs once the Hide Time is over. In these last few moments where the screen flashes red, the Impostor has to catch the remaining Crewmates with some help. Here’s how the Impostors and Crewmates should play this Final Hide time in the game.

  • Impostors:
    • Ping system: Red “pings” that look like circles will appear over Crewmates periodically and indicate where they are directional to the Impostor. Better run fast or trick the Impostor by hiding after a ping occurs!
    • Faster Impostor: Impostors get a big speed boost to help them chase down the remaining Crewmates. Gotta go fast.
    • Seek map: Impostors get a new Seek map which discloses the general area the remaining Crewmates are in. 
  • Crewmates
    • Your only task now is to survive! All tasks are removed and all you have to do is run, hide, and avoid the Impostor. There are many ways to outwit the Impostor in Final Hide, better think fast.
    • Every few seconds you’ll see a red “ping” circle over you which the Impostor can use to find you.

Other Changes

  • Pet your pets! You can now pet your adorable friends while playing and in the lobby. Holding down the button while standing close to your pet will pet them.
  • Haunt button. You can do this thanks to the helpful new Haunt button for ghosts. Track any alive Crewmate, or Impostor, or haunt your fellow spirits.


Without some entertaining cosmetics to add to your roster, no update would be complete, and this one includes a ton. Some winter holiday-themed goodies for all the good Crewmates and naughty Impostors are now available! The two Snowflake and Snowbean Cosmicubes are back in the store, alongside a new Gift Cube Cosmicube.

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